Personalise Your Desk To Boost Productivity

January 9th, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

Workplace Personalisation

We often hear phrases like 'What does your desk say about you?'- (Mostly only good things but you should hear what is says behind your back!) And we wonder how important it is that your desk does say anything about you at all? Yet researchers have proven that the way your desk looks has been found to be important to our happiness at work.So rather than your space looking like the above (basically a soulless cubicle) studies have shown that employees are happier and more productive when they personalise their workspace.

Personalisation of a work-space might mean displaying gadgets, photos, children's drawings and other knick-knacks which show off different aspects of the employee's personality and lifestyle.

Research discovered that when employees do personalise their work-space or are allowed to, then they use their desk as an extension of their personality which means that they are more productive at work. Stamping their mark on your desk or cubicle gives employees a sense of ownership and control resulting in higher levels of happiness which lead to higher productivity. These trinkets are significant for many people and can ofen work as visual ice-breakersconsider your neighbours' desk whether this person quirky or geeky or girly there's probably an indication of this sat on their desk.

If you're looking at your own desk thinking that it doesn't reflect your personality then here are a few ideas on how you can make it more you:

Photos of children: People with kids often find photographs of them motivating, particularly on tough days. They act as a reminder of what they are working so hard for and should (maybe not always) raise a smile whenever they are studied.

Colour scheme: If you're anything like Jessica in our office and really like a colour, you really do like a colour- so everything on your desk should most definitely be

Motivational imagery: Again, for those difficult days- display motivational quotes to remind you what you're at work for or photos of the holiday or car that you're saving up for.

Novelty items: Not for everyone but for those with a fun side novelty items can bring a smile to many faces and be a talking point- we think this novelty Cat Post-It Dispenser is super fun - buy it here

Plants: Plants improve the air quality of the office and are also pretty to look at, they also give a sense of homeliness to the office and can add a sense of community if it needs to be nurtured and looked after when you are away.

Lamps: Lamps can add a homely feel to your desk. ACS stock a range of lights from desk lamps to uplighters and may just give the warm effect you're looking for. Shop for this Rexel Daylight Lamp here

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