ACS Life Saving Tips!

November 1st, 2016

Written by Katy Winship

They say (whoever they are) that it takes 2 weeks of using a new skill to really remember it and utilise it every day- so we've put together some of our favourite time-saving and useful tricks and tips. Hopefully within 2 weeks you could be saving tons of time!

Keyboard life-savers:

• Alt + TAB - Switch between windows

• Alt + F4 - Close program

• Ctrl + S - Save document

• F5 - webpage refresh

• Ctrl + F5 - webpage hard refresh

• Ctrl + shift + T- reopen closed tab (ACS office favourite for accidental closures!)

• Ctrl + shift + I - Highlight your words you want to make italic

• Ctrl + shift + B - Highlight your words you want to make bold

• Ctrl + shift + A - Feel like your shouting when you accidentally type in caps?? Don't worry and definitely don't reach for that delete button

Work Life Savers

• Are your jobs and deadlines lost in piles of paper and emails? Make it simple and use Trello to organise and Prioritise your workload- sign up for free here

• Forgotten your password but your computer remembers it? If you need to give it out go to your login page and right click the password box and inspect element, Find the line that starts with "input type=password", then change the word "password" to "text", and you will see your password.

• The Stayfocusd extension on Chrome is handy for those that are easily distracted as you can limit yourself to the amount of time you spend on certain sites For example, stop procrastination on Facebook or other social media sites by allowing yourself just 30 mins.

Leisure Life Savers

YouTube tips:

• Press K or Spacebar when you need to pause

• Waiting for adverts taking up your precious time? Install Adblock (on Chrome only) and watch those YouTube Videos ad-free!

• Struggling for a colour scheme? Try here

• Struggling for ideas for dinner? Type what you have in the fridge and see a list of recipes. There is a number of apps available or try here