Boosting Staff Morale!

September 26th, 2016

Written by Katy Winship

At ACS employee happiness is held as of paramount importance and staff incentives are really great motivators to the team. As far as staff incentives go ACS think outside of the box in order to motivate staff and encourage team building in all sorts of wacky ways- our last team building day, for instance, was gorge walking!

Your business might not have considered introducing staff incentives and the benefits that this can bring to the morale and productivity of the company. Not only this but boosting staff morale can reduce absenteeism, reduce costs and can lower employee turnover rate. Here are a few of our favourite ways to boost morale:

Team building days

These don't have to cost the earth and are a really effective and fun ways to get people to work together, especially those that don't work with each other too often or work well together. If you work in a small business and there is no budget for team building events, especially those that involve leaving the office, the internet is full of fun exercises, for example it could be something as simple as encouraging staff 'trust exercises.' In addition, you might find other outside-of-work activities (such as bowling or ice-skating) just as effective.

Staff competitions

One really effective way to drive the team and the speed or effectiveness of workplace tasks is to hold regular staff competitions, this might be something as simple as rewarding the colleague who has performed well recently with the title of "Employee of the month". This doesn't have to cost a penny- it could just be the prestige of winning a certificate or badge or merely just the respect of their peers.

Peer-to- peer recognition

Invite colleagues to nominate others for the staff competitions such as "Employee of the month"- it might actually mean more to be recognised by your peers than by your boss.

Say Thanks

It may sound simple but a "Thank You" can go a long way. My mother often says "manners cost nothing" and she's right- simple recognition for completing a task well (yes, it is what you get paid for but never mind that) will make people feel valued and appreciated.

Celebrate together

Celebrate successes together! Something good has happened? Send a group email to announce how someone's input has helped; in addition send a personal email to congratulate that person. Someone is getting married? Start a collection for them and buy a personal gift. It's someone's birthday? Arrange a fuddle (a buffet which each person contributes to- we have found that food is great for bringing people together)! Try to encourage a culture of "togetherness" which is akin to family values- show pride and respect for one another.

Beer O'Clock

A few places I have worked have had 'beer O'clock Fridays' which occurs at 5pm every week. The idea is that colleagues are welcome to help themselves to a beer in the last half hour of the working day. Often people are driving so most will have just the one so it's a cheap and effective way to boost morale at the end of the week and something for the team to look forward to.

Have a daily huddle

We're not talking Wolf of Wall Street chest-pumping here but a daily run down of what the team is aiming to achieve each day can provide a real sense of teamwork and motivation. If a daily meeting is not possible then regular meetings at the end or beginning of the week can keep the workforce happy and focused as the meetings provide a time in which to bring up any problem areas and award praise. Consider an anonymous suggestion box to use to address problems in the meeting if employees are cautious to provide feedback.

Have some fun!

Never under-estimate the power of ping-pong! A bit of fun with a snooker table, arcade machine or table tennis can be a great reward for workers and an up-lifting way for teams to relax and bond. It may be a high initial outlay but the results are a happier and more motivated team which, it could be argued that, you cannot put a price on.

A change of scenery

It's surprising how much a fresh lick of paint and the addition of some bright colours will spread a bit of positivity to the office; choose a colour which you think best suits your office and what you want to nurture. For example- green would be a great idea for the creative industries because it promotes creativity and growth. Watch our video about how colour can boost productivity here

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