'If An Opportunity Doesn't Knock...Build A Door!'

June 30th, 2016

Written by Vicki Ward

This week our e-commerce Manager Simon Walsh shares his experiences of ACS since he joined the business in 2008

"If an opportunity doesn't knock.....build a door!'

It might sound cliché, but this one line sums up my experience at ACS - as an individual and collectively as a company.

Approximately 8 years ago whilst walking around Next in Leeds, obviously not buying anything, I received THAT call to see whether I would like to work at ACS or not. It was pretty obvious what my answer would be having worked with our Managing Director Mike and with the majority of the team for many years previous at a different business- YES! Little did I realise that 8 years later I would be working at a successful 90+ staff £17m business.

My time at ACS has been fantastic. Joining the company as a direct telesales member, I have since had the pleasure of working with Sacha Jones (Sales Director) as a Sales Manager in the SMB area before my recent move into our Operations department to head up our E-Commerce channel.

This change in role has been extremely rewarding. Our E-Commerce capabilities have developed greatly over recent years - the necessity for user friendly yet feature rich webstores and full back office integrations are seemingly standard requirements in many of our contract tenders. Our stance is simple - if it can be done, we will look to achieve it. Our recent award of the BBC contract was proof of this.

The future of our E-Commerce channel looks bright and will be an integral piece in our continued progression as a company. Our web-store continues to improve, technically and visually and our commitment to implementing trending systems is growing by the day. I firmly believe that this refreshing approach to business will further ensure that our capabilities are both current and without boundaries.

My 8 years at ACS have flown by. I often witness friends and family berating their jobs and I almost feel guilty when I then admit that I actually really enjoy my job!

So what makes ACS so enjoyable?

The people? The ethos of the company? The crazy promotions and intense team building days?

My answer?

All of the above......It's uncommon and very refreshing to work in an office with such a range of friendly faces- people whose attitude is to try and make a difference, seeking important opportunities and taking the company to heart as if it were their own. This ethos has pushed ACS to its current position, which after only 8 years of trading is one of strength and continued ambition.