The Best Of April Fool's Day

April 4th, 2016

Written by Vicki Ward

Did you manage to get through last Friday unscathed? 1st April signifies a day of pranks and practical jokes, from the harmless to the (potentially) harmful. What was once confined to between friends and families, it wasn't long before brands and the press started to get involved fooling the general public with harmless and foolish brand extensions. Here's our favourites that should give you a chuckle...

Dominoes "Edibox" for a waste free dining experience...

Never queue again with QLess

This app scans for mobile numbers of those in front of you in the queue and then proceeds to call them with fake emergencies that will force them to sacrifice their place in the queue. Brilliant!

Google launches for mirrored search results.

IKEA debuts the world's first a cat-proof sofa, the KÄT.

Driving slow has never felt so fast, for thrill seekers blighted by speed limits...

Force Injection Booster works by "extracting kinetic energy from the car's engine and converting it into positive g-forces". The effect being that drivers can experience the thrill of high speed driving even at modest speeds of just 20mph.

Even celebrities are getting in on the joke, Professor Green Tea anyone?

And the cruel.... Which is why I shouldn't have children as I would 100% do something similar!

The children believe they have received a brand new iPad only for a simple note to be left reading: "April Fool! HA HA!"