5 ways to consider making your business more attractive to candidates

August 7th, 2019

Written by Katy Winship

In order to attract the best candidate for the role you are looking to fill it is valuable to know what is important to applicants and what motivates them. In a shifting job market, where candidates now have the upper hand, businesses are having to keep up with the Joneses and prove their stuff to make themselves more attractive than their competitors.

Now, we’re not saying we’re experts, but our staff retention figures are pretty impressive and our business leaders often receive praise for our staff incentives and employee engagement. So here's our advice to you...

Application procedure

Does your application process take an age to complete? If so, then you could be putting off potential candidates as pages of form filling could lead to abandonment.

Many people are reluctant to jump through hoops in a competitive field, especially with the urgency that comes with looking for work. Why not do as we do? Our application system is straight-forward and we are always happy to speak to candidates over the phone or face-to-face.


At the beginning of the year at ACS we hold an annual company objectives meeting and for good reason. We KNOW that when business leaders communicate the plan for the business’ future, employees feel that they are considered, empowered, valued and included. According to a talent study in the US, employees who identify as “thriving” are three times more likely to work for a company with a strong sense of purpose. With a target in mind the team can work together towards a common goal and know that they are being led by strong leaders.
Nothing will instil confidence in a workforce more than a confident sense of direction.


When faced with many different job descriptions applicants are more likely to be attracted to those that list many employee perks. In fact, a recent study by employee rewards scheme Perkbox found that the number one reason for an employee wanting to leave was their salary and/or benefits package (27%). When perks are good, you’ll attract equally good talent.


Wellbeing is the latest buzzword in employment and is increasingly higher on the agenda for businesses. We recognise the importance that wellbeing has in empowering people and therefore heavily invest in employee engagement.
Due to this ACS have recently been shortlisted as “ones to watch”by the European Business Awards in our application for the workplace and people development award.

The following are initiatives that ACS have in place:

• Breakout areas and chill-out space to allow employees to take regular breaks

• Weekly entitlement of one hour of exercise inside of working hours

• Exercise classes ran by employees in the Wellbeing room

• Mental Health workshops such as Stress Awareness and Suicide Awareness sessions delivered by our Charity Partner, The Cellar Trust.

Office Culture

When we talk about office environments people usually bring up Google because of their fun offices, employee engagement and attractive mission statement of doing “cool things that matter”. It’s no surprise then that the company receives an impressive 3 million+ job applications every year.

There is something to bear in mind with this, however. A workplace may try to emulate Google by investing in an arcade machine or a pool table thinking that this will solve their culture issues, but the deeper problems remain.

Alarm bells should be ringing immediately if this sounds like your business. Money isn't always the answer. Attractive businesses have a positive culture of inclusion, where birthdays are celebrated and there are sociable places to eat, chat and even play - is it time to shake things up?

Find out what ACS do in our A-Z of employee engagement.