Five profound song lyrics about time

October 25th, 2018

Written by Katy Winship

We’re feeling very wistful this week in ACS HQ. It’s getting closer to the C-word, the nights are drawing in and it feels like time has flown by really quickly in 2018. We talk about time a lot in our office . You'll often hear things like “do you remember the time” and "No way! That was ten years ago!" and we still get confused about whether we lose or gain an hour when the clocks go back this weekend.

So, in honour of the wonderful thing that is time we have come up with a profound list (or not) of songs dedicated to it and relaunched our Songs by ACS Spotify account.

Listen to ACS the time is now Spotify playlist here

1. Gwen Stefani - What you waiting for?


Who really cares cause it's your life
You never know, it could be great
Take a chance ‘cause you might grow

Our interpretation:

Risks are worth taking, forget what everybody else thinks and even if it’s a rubbish outcome you could learn something.

2. Pink Floyd – Time


And then one day you find 10 years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

Our interpretation:

Life is short, and we never make the time to do things we need to do.

The whole song is about not wasting time and making sure you live it to the full. Apparently, Roger Waters wrote this song when he made the realisation that he had spent his adolescence and young adulthood waiting for life to begin, only to discover that he was already living it.

3. Rolling Stones - Time Waits For No One


Time can tear down a building or destroy a woman's face
Hours are like diamonds, don't let them waste

Our interpretation:

This song stands out from others in the Rolling Stones catalogue as it is uncharacteristically reflective. It suggests that time is precious and lots of time does ravage the best of us (which is ironic considering that Mick Jagger wrote this when he turned 30).

4. Robyn - Time Machine


Second thoughts and regrets
But then, this ain't science fiction

Our interpretation:

Basically, you can’t delete the past so live with it, there’s no point in having regrets.

5. Kesha – Tick Tock


Tick tock on the clock
But the party don't stop, no

Our interpretation:

Basically Kesha is telling us that life is a party, don’t waste time worrying about time.

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