Meet the winners of the first ever Golden Quill Awards

August 22nd, 2018

Written by Katy Winship

Roll up roll up! Here are the winners of the first ever Golden Quill Awards!

At our 10th Birthday celebration as well as scoff our faces, dance and get merry we were entertained by our resident Ant McPartlin (or should that be Declan Donnely…?) who invited some pre-selected ACS’ers to stage in order to present these lovely golden quill awards.

Shortlisted by the board of managers, in a two hour meeting no less, the nominees competed against each other to win one of ten coveted trophies.

So, as voted by their colleagues, let’s meet some of the winners!

Aleesha Khan, Most Stylish award

KW: So Aleesha, how does it feel to win the award for most stylish employee?
AK: Before joining PFS my background was in fashion, and my guilty pleasure is handbags! To win the “Most Stylish” Golden Quill I am truly humbled as we all had to cast our votes, on the other hand if I’d lost it would have been a conspiracy ha ha (joking) It’s just the pressure now to live up to this award on a daily basis (another excuse to go shopping!).

L-R: Ben, Helen and Aleesha

Rachael Chaplain, Best Sales Person award

KW: So Rachael, tell me about winning the award and your history with ACS.
RC: I started working for ACS on the 2nd September 2008, yes that would make me one of the oldest employees (but not the actual oldest) just turning a youthful 40!! When Mike first asked me to work for him in a new venture, my answer was a straight YES with no hesitation and I’ve never looked back since. ACS has played a massive part of my life and I’m so proud to be sat here 10 years in with over 100 employees, I never thought this would have been possible and I’ve been a part of that – WOW.

Being voted ‘Best Sales Person’ in ACS is AMAZING. It’s so humbling to think everyone actually thinks I can sell! Haha! Joking aside, the award does mean a lot to me and thank you to everyone that voted (t’s only taken 10 years!!).

L-R: Richard, Rachael, Harry, Tessa and Sacha

Adam Coates, Best Work Ethic award

Adam was too busy working to give me a huge quote about how he feels to have won the best work ethic award. He said: “After 10 years with the Company, it’s good to know that colleagues can still see the effort that is put into winning business and the contribution made to the continued success of ACS.”

Here he is getting helped up to the stage by one of the stilt walkers.

Henry Moorhouse, Rising Star award.

Henry started working at ACS after a work experience placement in October 2016.

HM: I feel really honoured to win the “Rising Star” Golden Quill Award and am gutted that I wasn’t there to accept but I was sunning myself on holiday. I joined in February 2017 as an Apprentice and then the following February I was made a fully-pledged staff member. I really love working here and have been lucky enough to attend on our Q4 trip to Croatia last year. I also had a huge surprise 18th Birthday party which was ace and meant a lot to me!

ACS have really looked after me, working in the sales department wasn’t working out for me but the bosses here must’ve seen something in me as I was moved to the purchasing team and I love it there. We work hard but have a lot of fun!

L-R: Charles, Chris and Krzysztof accepting Henry's award

Ben Townend, Funniest Person and Most Progressed Employee Award

KW: So, Ben how do you feel being the only winner of two Golden Quill awards?
BT: Yeh, I’m made up.
KW: Oh come on Ben, stop being a misery!

Living in the shadow of Sam (Ben’s brother- he used to be in Hollyoaks) for so many years I finally feel I’m making strides in both my work life and personal life. Any recognition from colleagues is a joy to experience. Given I rarely interact with 90% of staff makes winning “funniest person” an even bigger achievement. As for the most progressed, what can I say? People strive to be in my shoes. I’m certain not a day goes by without Tom Lowe, Simon Ridley or Kerry Cumiskey thinking “God, I’ve love to Ben”!

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