Reasons why you should drink coffee in the office.

October 10th, 2017

Written by Nicole Exley

Some of us can’t get through the day without having at least one cup of coffee at work. There are actually a few advantages for drinking coffee in the workplace, here are just a few of them.

1. It keeps you alert

One of the main ingredients in coffee is of course, caffeine. Which is one of the most common stimulants found in many domestic products. Coffee which is caffeinated helps keep people awake and provides a boost of energy to their central nervous system which helps them stay productive throughout the day.

2. Coffee breaks help improve productivity

The coffee break actually only came about in the 20th century, it became popular after the Second World War. The MIT did a study in 2010 which showed that employees who have coffee breaks at the same time show improvement in their productivity.

3. It can reduce pain for desk workers

The US National Institute for Health did a study and concluded that if someone drinks a cup of coffee before performing pain-inducing work, they were less likely to experience pain compared to those who did not have the coffee. This is all down to the caffeine.

4. Your colleagues drink a lot of it

Another survey (There are a lot of survey reports in today’s blog!) was released in 2011 which released a list of workers that consumed the most amount of coffee. The top 5 drinkers were: scientists/ lab technicians, marketing/ PR professionals, education administrators, writers/editors and healthcare administrators.

5. It keeps you trim

Numerous studies have shown that the consumption of caffeine can help boost your metabolism. Which comes as no surprise that caffeine is included in most fat burning products. It won’t burn fat by themselves though, you won’t lose weight from just sitting and drinking a cup of joe, however it can help, it is helping though you burn fat at a higher rate than not drinking coffee.