In a remarkable achievement, ACS Group has been awarded the Bradford Means Business Sustainability Award. As the UK progresses towards a future of net zero and Bradford remains committed to becoming a city of clean growth, ACS Group stands as a shining example of sustainable business practices.

The company's unwavering dedication to minimising environmental impact has been at the forefront of its operations. Recent efforts have seen ACS Group intensify its focus on reducing and offsetting carbon emissions, taking significant strides towards a sustainable future.

Tom Taylor, ACS Group's Sustainability Manager, said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive the Sustainability Award!

Winning this accolade in our local community means so much to us as it’s a testament to the genuine passion and dedication our team have for sustainability and responsible business practices right here in our own backyard.”

The ACS Group team receiving Sustainability Award At Bradford Means Business Awards (Image: Newsquest)

He added: “Whilst we have always been environmentally conscious, back in 2021 we made the decision that we wanted to become leaders of environmental change within our industry.

And so, we set ourselves some really ambitious targets and our journey to net zero began.

This recognition will no doubt motivate us to keep pushing the boundaries and making a positive impact on our local environment and community.

Thank you, Bradford Means Business Awards, for this incredible honour!’’

The award reinforces the company's steadfast commitment to sustainability and serves as inspiration to create a brighter, greener future for all. Together, ACS Group remains dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the world.