Q4 Motivation at ACS

November 14th, 2022

Written by Katy Maude

Employee wellbeing is truly at the heart of ACS. Creating an environment where employees feel comfortable, motivated, and above all happy, is the reason behind the way we do things. The last quarter of the year is an unusually quieter period in our industry, with businesses focussing on plans for the year ahead and the darker, shorter days approaching.

To boost morale throughout the last quarter of the year, and keep everyone feeling motivated and positive, our annual Q4 promotion was introduced. The Q4 promotion takes place from October to December and is a particularly different time of year compared to the rest… A theme is launched, the business is divided into ‘Q4’ teams, and the competition begins, with the incentive to win a holiday of a lifetime.

But there is so much more to it than that.

Team building

Throughout the Q4 promotion teambuilding is a constant. The teams are made up of employees from all parts of the business. Stepping away from their usual departments, it is a chance for those who may not have otherwise crossed paths, to get to know each other. Teambuilding challenges occur often in Q4, whether it be the strategic planning in team meetings, working together to flee an escape room or cheering each other on in the physical tasks, their ability to come together as a team is what will see them through to the end.

“It really is a good time to get to know colleagues that you do not necessarily work with day to day and speak to them on a more personal level. It really helps us encourage each other in every department of the business and brings out the competitive sides in people you wouldn’t expect!”

- Emily Wightman, Customer Service Advisor

Health & Wellbeing

Our employee’s health and wellbeing is really important to us, and it is therefore an important aspect of the Q4 promotion. Our people are always at the heart of what we do, better employee engagement, productivity, and a positive attitude all comes down to the individual’s wellbeing. Throughout the promotion, ACS ensure that no man (or woman) is left behind. The challenges are diverse and there really is something for everyone. Physical challenges are always up there with the most popular, so, to get employees moving and promote healthy living we incorporate many fitness-related tasks. This year, we kicked off our first week of Q4 with an outdoor bootcamp, we also launched an electric bike challenge, where members of each team scaled the country to win as many points as they could in the space of 6 hours! Both these activities really made a buzz in the office and brought out a real sense of team spirit. Which is exactly why we do them.

“Q4 is a whirlwind of mental and physical emotions. Being the competitive person I am, I’ll put myself forward for any physical challenge, more so to push myself to win for the team. This also has a positive impact on my health and wellbeing whilst having fun.”

- Rachael Chaplain, Sales Manger

New starters & the ACS Academy

ACS is constantly evolving, so, each year there are new faces taking part in Q4. Our ACS Academy is where a lot of new talent arises, with a new intake of apprentices each year, the younger individuals in the company find Q4 an opportunity to get to know the different departments and the people that work in them. It can sometimes be a big jump for those coming into the world of work straight from education, so the excitement and positivity surrounding the promotion can not only help make the transition much easier but build confidence too.

“I absolutely love it. It’s fun, and a bit hectic, but I think that it really motivates us to do the best we can within the company. I like that everyone is included within challenges and as a new starter it helps me build relationships with people who don’t work in my department.”

– Neve Smith, Managed Print Apprentice

Productivity and motivation

It goes hand in hand that with a low morale and lack of positivity, that low motivation and productivity will occur. Our Q4 promotion prevents this dip from happening. The office is always lively through the last 3 months of the year and with everyone excited to discover the upcoming tasks and working as hard as possible to achieve the all-important points, the energy levels are high.

2010 was when the “Q4” promotion was created. Fast forward 13 years, and we are currently right in the middle of our 13th Q4. People often ask why we do some of the things we do during our annual promotion, and we hope that this explains the reasons behind the madness.