How colours affect the workplace

June 8th, 2022

Written by Katy Maude

The use of colour in interior design can significantly affect how we feel. How productive we are, how creative we can be, and how motivated we feel is subconsciously influenced by our surroundings. Therefore, colours in the workplace can affect how we work. The colours used within the office interior can also affect our attitude, emotions, and overall mood. So, it is important to know which colours encourage us to work to our best ability.

Colour psychology has a massive influence when it comes to interior design. Creating a positive atmosphere that keeps employees not only motivated and inspired, but relaxed and stress-free can be achieved by using the right colours in the right places. Colours can be introduced through furnishings, décor, and plants. Having plants in the workplace is a great way to include your chosen colours. Living walls are becoming increasingly popular in office spaces, as they not only help reduce stress and anxiety but are both colourful and beautiful too. Determining the desired atmosphere and which colours can be used to enforce the perfect work environment is simple…


The use of a bold but warm colour, such as red, can increase the energy in the workplace. Red can be exciting and inspiring but can also create a sense of urgency- to get things done. This can help increase productivity and motivation and is therefore a great option for home offices and creative spaces. Red is also known for bringing people together, so, in meeting rooms where teams may be brought together to discuss projects and planning, red is certainly a colour to consider.


Yellow’s vibrance and warmth is bound to encourage a positive environment. The use of yellow in the workplace is therefore a no-brainer. Yellow is both energizing and welcoming and creates a feeling of content. The colour yellow also stimulates brain activity and encourages communication. So, when creating an engaging and productive working environment, where employees feel welcome and happy, then yellow is the colour to use.


To evoke feelings of comfort and warmth in the workplace, orange is the perfect colour to use. Orange is also known to be energizing, which in turn, increases motivation, productivity, and overall moral. The use of bright accents of orange encourages creativity and can therefore prevent tiredness and boredom throughout the working day. Orange is definitely an easy way to brighten any room and lift the mood of those in it.


Blue is considered to be one of the most calming colours. From deep shades of navy to a lighter shade of teal or turquoise, blue is believed to steady the heart rate and create a serene atmosphere. The use of blue within your office interior can help employees remain focused throughout a busy working day. Blue also promotes thinking and creativity and can therefore inspire intellectual solutions, to challenging situations. Blue creates a stable and tranquil working environment and is often used in all aspects of office interior design.


Together, the welcoming and positive ambience of yellow and the calming, serenity of blue creates the comforting shades of green. Green is used in various shades to portray a tranquil atmosphere. Bringing nature into the workplace helps rejuvenate the mind and increase development in all aspects of the office environment. Green not only brings the outside in but is also known to reduce eyestrain from harsh glares of computer screens. So, if you spend a lot of your working day gazing into a screen, then incorporating green into your interior is the way forward.

Here at ACS Group our ACS Interiors team work to create an environment fit for your desired purpose. Their expertise and knowledge can help you achieve the perfect workplace. Whether that be a creative space or calming areas to relax and rejuvenate, our experts are here to guide you.

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