National Relaxation Day

August 14th, 2017

Written by Nicole Exley

As today is National Relaxation Day, we thought we would give you 10 easy tips on how to relax in the office.

Tip 1: Remember to take breaks.

Taking breaks is very important, you can’t concentrate without one. Even if it’s just 10 minutes out of your day, take a breather, grab a coffee and keep hydrated. Believe me, you’ll work better.

Tip 2: Deadlines

Now, having deadlines in the work place can help you relax but also not at the same time. Don’t set deadlines for less important tasks, as that will just stress you out and panic. However, not having deadlines for your important tasks is also not a good idea, you will be more relaxed once you have beaten that deadline and then you can focus on getting on with the smaller, less important tasks.

Tip 3: Posture

Not having a good posture can result in stress building up in your back and shoulders, which could cause you pain. How can you relax when you’re sat in a chair with a bad back? The best way to resolve this is to have a good chair which can help your posture. You can shop for chairs that are comfortable and good for your posture here . Also check out some footrests that can also help your posture here .

Tip 4: Music

This step could have controversy depending on what you like. Some people like working in a silent environment, however others like to have music on either out loud or with headphones. It’s important to listen to music that isn’t going to distract you but also is going to help you concentrate. There are some good playlists on Spotify which are ones for concentration which has a variety of artists of all eras. Who knows, you might find your new favourite track. Not sure what music to listen to that will relax you? Well we have a playlist perfect for you! Have a listen to our Spotify Playlist!

Tip 5: Have natural sunlight in the office

Natural sunlight makes you more awake and makes you feel happier and more relaxed. As good as the invention of the lightbulb is, some office lighting can make you stressed as it makes it harder for you to concentrate, which can make you stressed and annoyed, the total opposite of relaxed and happy! If you have a small office with not many windows, why don’t you try Rexels Daylight PODs? It gives off a natural light feel, making you more relaxed. You can check them out here.

Tip 6: Drink Green or White tea

I know what you’re thinking, “that’s not very Yorkshire”, however it has been proven that green and white tea help you relax. I don’t know how, I am not a scientist or tea expert…. However I am willing to give it a try, you should too!

Tip 7: Keep only on your desk what you need

Having an untidy desk may cause an untidy mind, which can cause more stress. Having a desk tidy or a set of draws that you can separate into a ‘completed’ and ‘need to complete’ section could help. Take something that needs to be completed, finish it, and then place it in the completed draw/folder. It will set your mind into a more organised state which will help you keep on track with things and relax more.

Tip 8: Personalise your workspace

If you feel comfortable in your work space then you are more likely to feel relaxed. Get yourself a small potted plant, like a cactus, or have a framed picture of your cat. Make your desk yours. It will keep you motivated to get things done quicker (and so the day can go quicker and home time comes around sooner!). Struggling on ideas how to personalise your desk? Read our blog about it here!

Tip 9: Make yourself a work planner

At the start of each week, write down what jobs you need to do that week. Then tick them off each time you have completed one. An important thing to do is to do one job at a time, otherwise your work gets all muddled up and things get forgotten about. Give yourself a time period to do a certain piece of work and stick to it.

Tip 10: Mini spa-break at your desk

No I’m not crazy. You can seriously create a mini spa at your own desk. Here’s a few easy ways how:
-Get a cup of hot water and drop a few drops of essential oils in (your choice of flavour) and sit at your desk, close your eyes and take some deep breaths of the steam.

-Take a walk. However when you’re walking, don’t think about anything stress or work related. Think about trees, the birds, just nature in general.

Fancy changing your desk equipment to help you relax more? Call your sales rep today!