How businesses are restoring our faith in humanity

June 30th, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

Of late, in a world filled with heinous crimes and deranged individuals, we have become afraid of seeking out the latest news; of opening a newspaper and switching on the TV. "What bad news are we going to receive today?" is a common thought and sadly it isn't a new phenomenon.

But in a world rocked by terror and war there ARE people that refuse to let hate win. There are plenty of good news stories that are happening every day that don't get the recognition that they deserve.

Good people are everywhere. The humanity that comes out of crisis is enough to make your eyes even just a tad misty. Simply consider the relief effort and outpouring of support shown within hours of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

There is a lot of goodness in the world worth celebrating.

There are many that do a little but there are some that do a lot. You probably do more than you realise- even if you don't believe you do- a donation of unwanted clothes to the charity shop is still a way of doing your bit.

Charity and giving comes so easily to many people. Sometimes it's hard to comprehend the sacrifices people make for others and the humanity and generosity they show for members of society that others overlook.

In fact, speaking of charity shops and admirable people, recently I was in Otley, West Yorkshire and I came across an interesting venture - the 20p shop in which absolutely everything was 20p.

When purchasing a vintage teapot (which I insisted on paying a pound for) I got chatting to the gentleman owner and he told me about his reasons for setting up the shop. He told me simply that he just thought it was time that he gave something back. He said he felt that there is a huge need to recycle to help future generations and his shop lets customers share in the benefits of both getting a bargain and being green. The sign outside the shop says "this is not a charity" but a shop where you can buy things at the "silly price of just 20p".

I was inspired - the place got my complete admiration which is an achievement in itself!

There are so many other inspiring business models within my community: social enterprises that include a community group which exchanges skills and advice, businesses that sell discounted paint, pay as you feel cafes and supermarkets and there will be plenty that I have never heard of.

Doing good is not only good for others and good for the soul it's also becoming trendy. There is even apps for doing good. The app "The Good Cards" is a pay it forward game that claims to help you make the world "a better, kinder and happier place to live in" Check it out:
The App that Gamifies your Good Deeds!

Random acts of kindness are happening all the time and don't have to cost anything. There's a lady I have come across who likes to give inspiring motivational handwritten quotes to strangers on the streets of Leeds. It might sound odd but I guess it's her way of paying it forward. Giving someone a reason to smile is still a way of giving.

We all like to do our bit and it doesn't matter how small or large because, as the saying goes, "every little helps".

This year our charity partner is Children in Need and we are raising money in many ways throughout the year. If you would like to make a donation please do so here: Here

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