10 Easy Things That Take Less Than 10 Minutes To Improve Your Day

March 21st, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

1. The early bird catches the worm

If you're a whirlwind in the morning why not consider waking up 10 minutes earlier? Perhaps you won't rush around like a headless chicken for a change. That extra ten minutes will make the difference and make you start your day in a much more serene way.

2. Don't skip breakfast

If you're anything like me a. you're useless before you've had a cup of tea on a morning and b. you turn into a beast when hungry. Don't take that risk- it's proven that you are more productive on a full stomach! According to the NHS eating breakfast has long term health benefits, it can reduce obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes- so make sure you have that bowl of Weetabix (can you manage three?).


Every morning on my way to work I say good morning to an elderly couple walking their dog and I find myself smiling at them - yet they're complete strangers! Spread a smile on your face and spread some happiness at the same time- it's contagious, it costs nothing and it might make somebody else feel a lot brighter.

4. Say thanks

Whether it's to the bus driver, your wife, your colleague, the cashier- always give thanks. Do not be ungrateful no matter how far someone has gone for you! When you're rude it breeds negativity and you never know when you might need help from these people in future. I'm not saying do a good deed for selfish reasons but bad karma isn't something I want so I keep it thankful and show appreciation to those that might not even expect it. You'll feel very pleased with yourself afterwards, I guarantee it.

5. Set goals and tick them off

I absolutely love a good list and when I get to tick something off of it it's very satisfying and rewarding. It's motivating to see how much you have achieved before lunch time and sets you up for the rest of the day.

6. Laugh

OK, so you might work with some of the most wooden people on the planet but you can surely have a laugh right? Right? Maybe not. So if not why not head to Youtube on your lunch break or follow comedians on Social Media and make yourself giggle.

7. Talk to friends you've not spoken to for a long time

I mean how long does it take out of your day to type 'Hey, how are you doing?' Friendships that you think might have passed can be reignited with a little bit of effort.

8. Exercise

Even just getting off the bus a stop earlier, walking instead of driving to the shop, walking round the office instead of calling a colleague's extension will work. If you can't leave your desk then try stretching or have am little chair groove to the radio! Get at least a bit of exercise in, I'm not one to preach (hypocrite alert) but we all know a bit of movement is good for mind, body and soul.

9. Remember good times

If you're having a bad day you're likely to just really want to dwell on it and it feels like nothing will improve your mood. Take a break from these thoughts and go through the photographs on your phone or social media, think about past holidays, weddings, parties, achievements- just take a minute to appreciate your life and experiences and perhaps it'll put your problem into perspective. Soon it will be a distant memory you're likely to forget.

10. Sing

Did you know that singing has been used as music therapy in hospitals, care homes and hospices for decades? OK you're no Mariah Carey but who cares?! As long as you're not stood on stage inflicting your cat-like chords to the general public! Sing in the shower, hum along to the music in the car or at work- it's great for the soul!