It's National Apprenticeship Week!

March 6th, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

It's National Apprenticeship week and in honour of this fantastic week we thought we'd question one of our favourite apprentices, Matthew Pemberton, about the importance of our Apprenticeship Scheme. (Matthew is pictured below when he was MD for the day and with his colleague Mel who he works on the BBC account with).

MP: Here at ACS we are passionate about employee development and apprenticeship schemes are a perfect example of that. From Sales to Web Development, where there is room to grow and develop, we will!

Investing into our SMB is crucial for us to grow and here at ACS we have found that the apprentice scheme is a perfect way of achieving that.

What does it require to be in the scheme at ACS?

MP: The Apprenticeship scheme requires you to attend one of the local colleges once a week to gain your NVQ/BTEC Level 2 in Business Administration. The duration of the course is 1 year and in this year ACS gives you full support and training into you gaining your qualification. ACS allocates you time at work to be able to complete your coursework and with the friendly smiley team everyone is always open to offering you help and advice.

How important is the role of an apprentice at ACS?

MP: ACS supplies some of the most well-known brands in the UK - the BBC, Lloyd's pharmacy, Mamas and Papas, Hallmark Cards and all of these customers need admin support to allow the daily running of the account- this is where apprentices come in- we're very valued! We're on the look-out for 10 new apprentices to come and join our fun and vibrant team!

Matthew's top tips for wannabe apprentices:

if you want a job at ACS I have 3 top tips for you.

1. Do your research; what do we actually do?

2. Show your personality; Business is changing, Human 2 human is the new rival for B2B.

3. Relax, breathe and pitch; time your response correctly and remember to listen.

How to apply

So for all those young people reading- do you have what it takes? Can you talk the back legs off a donkey? Get a C.V together and get applying here

Just in case you are still a little unconvinced see what some of our other apprentices say:

"I found the apprentice scheme really rewarding and although sales was my strong point I learned some valuable skills and as soon as I qualified from my apprenticeship I applied for other roles in the business and now I work as a Purchasing Executive and buy items on behalf of the business. I believe I would not be in such a strong position at such a young age if it wasn't for ACS and the apprentice scheme."

"This place is like a second home, Sometimes you don't even feel like its work. It's really rewarding and working on some of the biggest leading contracts allows me to not only gain new skills but feel valued as I am taking on more responsibility."