Give Up Giving Up On Yourself Part Two

February 27th, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

It's easy to feel like quitting on life- you put on another pound, you were stuck in traffic and were late, you aren't performing at work or at home the way we think we should be, you haven't seen your friends- sometimes you can feel like just throwing in the towel, running away or even exploding! Please don't! Here's part two on how to give up giving up on yourself:

Rather than listing your goals list your achievements

Stop giving yourself a hard time and concentrate on how far you have come. List what you have achieved and realise how capable you really are and how far you have come. Take pride in yourself and your efforts because nobody else will. Reviewing your acheivements is much more likely to motivate you and give you a 'can do' attitude. Consider your life to present and look at the things that you are proud of yourself for and at the same time think about the things that made you happy. Bear your happiness in mind when pursuing your goal- remember the amount of work you had to put in and how happy you were before, after and during your goal attainment.

Stop keeping up with the Joneses

If you are looking to give up something for lent I would advocate giving up going up Social Media. Despite all the benefits they offer platforms like Facebook can make you feel inadequate and make you compare yourself to your peers. Oh, Joanne got a promotion and you didn't? Sarah just bought a house nicer than yours- well good for her!

Social Media use can invoke unhealthy feelings of jealousy and make you think that you just don't compare. It's hard to think that actually these people might not be 100% happy and might have some rubbish going on- their boasting might make them feel better about their own miserable lives but in turn has the opposite effect on you. Try not to compare yourself, perhaps stay off Facebook (if you can manage this for 6 weeks) the less you focus on competing with others, the more time you'll have to spend on nurturing your own happiness and reaching your full potential.

Force Yourself To Keep Going

Stop the self doubt and have confidence in yourself, your ideas and plans. You're kidding yourself if you think that all the greats don't have off days! Imagine how deflated Leonardo Dicaprio must have felt when he didn't get recognised for his role in Titanic (not to mention all those other Oscars he missed out on) and now imagine how great he felt when he finally did win.

Why did he keep going? For me it's one of two options: maybe what kept him going was the determination to be recognised as the best or alternatively, perhaps he kept going because he didn't need validation and approval from other people to carry on doing what he clearly loves to do (act!) and he just let all those negative feelings wash over him.

If it is the latter, which I'm willing it to be, I think we'd all do well to do the same.

Do what you love to do and don't be influenced by anything else.