Our Favourite/Male Female Teams

January 30th, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

To mark the launch of our hunt for the UK's number one work couple we thought we'd celebrate our special relationships with our colleagues.

You probably spend more time at work than you do at home so it makes sense that you might end up being close to your colleagues and consider them as one of the family. So in celebration of these beautiful relationships with our work spouses we've compiled a list of our favourite male/ female work duos of all time. We'll be telling you why we love them and why their relationships are so very special!

But before we do we couldn't let the opportunity pass without giving a special nod to a few of our other loveable famous duos: Obama and Biden, French and Saunders, Scooby and Shaggy, Thelma and Louise, Laurel and Hardy, Mel and Sue and our top favourite - Wallace and Gromit!

Here's our top favourite male/female work couples:

Mulder and Scully:

Where they work: FBI Headquarters, Washington, DC.

Why we love them: We watched Mulder and Scully intently from their platonic beginnings in series 1 to their budding romance when the original X Files ended - their intense will they won't they relationship coupled with them solving the weirdest mysteries kept us gripped right until the end of the final series in 2002.

Why it works: Scully is known for her straightforward, analytical and skeptical thinking, whilst "spooky" Mulder tends to focus on conspiracy theories and the unexplained. Mulder and Scully solve cases with their marriage of thinking styles, always questioning each other and taking the time to hear the other one's theories, even if they often don't agree!

Frasier Crane and Roz Doyle:

Where they work: Ross is a producer on a call-in psychiatry show which Dr Frasier Crane hosts.

Why we love them: Both unlucky in love, Frasier and Ross always have each others' back and are there to provide support when times get hard. Their relationship is based on honesty and humour - Roz gets teased by her promiscuity and Frasier is teased by his snobbery but they don't let these differences phase them.

Why it works: Roz is completely straight talking whilst Frasier over-thinks everything. Although very different backgrounds they both have similar values and are quick to dispense advice. They socialise outside of work, they respect each other, pay one another compliments and give thanks. Both at ease with their personalities they are able to tease each other about their social lives take the remarks in jest.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield

Where they work: presenting ITV1 daytime show This Morning together. A controversial choice at first, Holly (now the nations' sweetheart) replaced Fern Britton to pair with Phil and uproar followed as the noticeably younger Holly at 35 replaced Fern who is 59.

Why we love them: Our favourite daytime show is made much more enjoyable by the smutty jokes and frequent uncontrollable laughter coming from this like-able duo.

A bit about their relationship: These days Fern is a distant memory as this lovable pair (and I'm not talking about Holly's ample chest) have won multiple National Television Awards. Their on screen chemistry is not the usual female/ male TV dynamic, it's much more of a family vibe and it's obvious from the amount of laughter they share that they have a lot of genuine love for each other, they even go on holiday together!

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean

Where they work: A professional Ice skating duo since 1975.

Why we love them: They stole the nations hearts when they performed the Bolero at the Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics and we have continued to have a soft spot from them as presenters on Dancing On Ice.

A bit about their relationship: When they dance it's hard to not think they're a couple but these two are both settled down with other people. Although they have recently admitted to sharing a cheeky snog as teenagers their feelings for each other are completely platonic. Their friendship is so close that they have admitted in the past that this has often caused problems with their partners.

Eileen Grimshaw and Steve McDonald

Why we love them: My personal favourites on the list, This comedy duo often confide in each other and take the mick out of each other, Eileen isn't afraid to tell her boss how much of a wally he is and the hapless Steve often needs telling!

Why it works: They're more like brother and sister than employee and employer. Eileen's down to earth cynical demeanor makes her stand out from the rest of the women on the street, she's one of the guys. These guys work together, drink together and even live on the same street. Their friendship is based on humour and despite one working for the other they treat each other as equals.

Harry Stevenson and Leanne Cleghorn

Why we love them: They're our very own ACS work husband and wife pairing!

A bit about their relationship: Harry is Leanne's boss and Leanne is often at his beck and call, she's Harry's equivalent of what Lynn is to Alan Partridge. The long suffering Leanne is in her own words 'the voice of reason and Harry is the wally'. Harry is eccentric with many ideas and Leanne is a realist so his ideas are often reined back by her. He's far from a tyrant, unlike Partridge, Harry is very generous to Leanne and they have a very honest and loving relationship.

Why it works: The pair have worked together so long that they can read each other's facial expressions, there's a mutual respect despite Harry being the Commercial Director and they both know how to give each other a good ribbing!

We're looking for the UK's number one work couple!

We want to hear about your work wives and husbands! Tell us your (strictly platonic) story and be in with the chance of winning £40 in Love2shop vouchers. Just tweet us @acsacsltd with a photo of you both together and direct message us detailing your special relationship, why you deserve to win and why you are the UK's number one work couple for the chance to win! Why not treat each other or simply treat yourselves?!

The winning couple will be announced on Valentines week 2017. Good luck!