Meet The Team: Jade - Our Employee Of The Year!

January 16th, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

Job title: Accounts Administrator

Joined ACS: March 2010

What do you enjoy most about your role? The sense of achievement when a problem is solved and the people that I work with. It's a special thing to be able to work with both your sister and your best friend.

What is your greatest achievement in your role to date? Passing my level 4 AAT and winning employee of the year.

Describe the culture of ACS in three words: Fun, supportive and energetic.

Tell us your fondest memory of your time working at ACS so far: I feel very lucky and incredibly humbled to have won employee of the year (in 2016) and the Q4 trip to South Africa (in 2015) at the last two Christmas parties. Eating a spider* for 50 points in the lead up to winning the trip is something I will never forget! Lastly, obviously the trip to South Africa itself left me with some amazing memories.

Some of my happiest days at ACS are the fuddle days - I like to eat, I especially enjoyed the Jubilee fuddle when Harry brought in fresh scones.

I'll never forget my work experience at 17- I absolutely worked my socks off validating leads for a week to try and leave a good impression in the hope of a job offer - thankfully it worked! Harry promised me a cup with my name on it when I got the job.... I'm still waiting for it and I'm not leaving ACS until I get my cup!

* Eating a spider was a task in our internal promotion, Q4, which was 'I'm a celebrity' themed in 2015.

What personal attributes are essential to work at ACS? Dedication and commitment, if you're not willing to work hard then don't bother coming to work. Hard work will be rewarded. Also, you can't take yourself too seriously, you need to be up for a laugh to fit in.

I can't work without: My Calculator and my Team.

If I were Managing Director for a day: I would accidentally misplace Mike's Liverpool season tickets, go to all the good games and then put them back later in the year.

My hobbies include: Walking in nice weather, watching football with my dad and little brother, drinking alcohol and watching Vikings or Game of Thrones.

My favourite thing ever is: Being with family and friends - especially my nephew Conor.

My favourite item we sell at ACS is: The Paper mate Ink Joy pen in Orange.

My weekends are usually spent: Visiting family or friends, eating naughty food and drinking vodka with a good film.

Random facts about you: As a teenager I went to Moscow to compete in the International Space Olympics. I'm scared of baked beans. Most people think I have a missive dimple on my left cheek but it's actually a scar from pulling a glass lamp over my head when I was just one.