Our Guide To Making And Keeping Your 2017 Resolutions!

January 3rd, 2017

Written by Katie Colleran

The New Year is here again, and the tradition of making resolutions is upon us! If you've already got a 'bucket list', why not choose an achievable goal to make a reality in 2017? If you're stuck for ideas, check out our top tips below for how to make smart, achievable goals and give your next 12 months a positive boost!

However small, there's always something we can do to improve ourselves for the new year. If your mind's still a little fuzzy from the Christmas period, take a look at our suggestions...!

Career - There's always room for development when it comes to your career. Whether it's spending more time on your personal development, learning a new skill or aiming for a promotion, small changes can make big differences to your future.

Financial - Perhaps like most of us you find yourself watching your wallet after the Christmas period. The New Year is a great time to start budgeting and personal financial planning by making small changes in your spending habits. The results may surprise you!

Family - Spending more time with family or seeing distant relatives more often are great resolutions to make. When's the last time you had a family reunion?

Health - You're sure to find a great gym membership offer near you throughout the first quarter of this year. Or if you don't want to be tied in, why not take up a new sport or set a weight loss goal? Fitness trackers are a great encouragement to move more and track statistics such as sleep, steps and calories burned.

Creative - Why not make 2017 the year you make time to learn a skill or take up a new hobby?

Social - Volunteering, charity challenges and fundraising opportunities are great ways to raise money for a charity that's close to your heart. The scope of opportunities out there is vast (the eagle-eyed of you will have seen that our directors scaled Kilimanjaro in 2016 for Bone Cancer Research)! You're sure to find an event and cause you've got your heart set on - the only question is how big do you want to go?

Remember to make your resolutions SMART...

Now we've given you some food for thought, we want to give you the best opportunity of achieving your goals. Once you've decided what you want to achieve, you're more likely to realise your ambition if you're SMART about it...

Simple - Don't overcomplicate things! Keep your aims clear and concise and you'll find them less daunting and much easier to reach.

Measurable - Seeing how far you've come as you make progress towards your goal keeps you motivated. You might find keeping a diary or to do list helps.

Attainable - You'll set yourself up for disappointment if you set out to achieve a target that's unreachable. Make sure you have the time and resources to carry it out - but you should still feel challenged!

Relevant - Choose goals for yourself, not to please others. Don't set a goal or resolution that you have no intention of following through with.

Timebound - Long term, short term or even by the summer? Setting a timescale for when you'd like to achieve your goal by will keep you focused.

Still uninspired? Take a look at the difference between simple and Smart objectives...

Simple Smart
I want to improve my health I will improve my health by exercising 3 times a week, eating healthily and swapping fizzy drinks for water
I want to stop smoking I will gradually cut down my smoking every week in order to eliminate cigarettes
I want a new job I will attend 3 interviews by the end of April 2017
I want to build my professional network I will go for coffee with 1 manager/colleague/contact per week
I want to save more I will save £100 per month, reaching £1000 savings by October 2017