Ideas To Promote Team Morale

November 28th, 2016

Written by Katy Winship

Is there a lull in morale at your workplace? Is everybody looking a bit fed up and unmotivated? Why not implement one of suggested new practices to perk up your office in 2017?

Daily Team Huddle

You more than likely already have a weekly meeting to keep up-to-date with the latest projects and targets but how about considering a daily team huddle?

Sit in a circle away from your desks to discuss the day ahead- ensure that you are all facing each other and fully engaging with one another, making eye-contact and avoiding distractions (don't do it from your desks). Take it in turn to tell each other what you intend to achieve that day and use the huddle as a time to relay any feedback or updates on particular tasks. Ensure that you all encourage each other by recognising achievements and giving thanks.

Working like this as a team should encourage a jovial team spirit- it's preferable to arriving at the beginning of the day and barely acknowledging each other face-to-face and communicating via email. Although this could appear like it's a time-wasting exercise the daily updates could highlight any issues within the team such as those that aren't pulling their weight.

Employee Reviews

Staff reviews can be difficult for both parties involved; however there is a lot to be gained from regular reviews and bring about a positive change. It's a chance for both sides to outline their expectations and make compromises and plans for the following months. Whether good or bad, feedback should be appreciated on both sides and the review should be used as a time to reflect on achievements, progress, what went wrong, what went right and why it went wrong/right.

If you have never experienced a staff review and you're feeling like you don't know what is expected of you or whether or not you're doing a good job then push for it- every business worth its salt should be giving feedback and encouragement to help make positive steps and retain staff.

An Employee Recognition Scheme

Monthly, weekly or quarterly recognitions schemes are a great way to reward and recognise hard-working staff and something that we do here at ACS. We recognise the hard work of our employees and reward them with champagne for 'employees of the quarter' and at the end of the year our 'employee of the year' receives a large cheque at our Christmas party.

Employee reward schemes are a great incentive to work hard, it certainly works for ACS. Winners could be nominated by peers or management or both and prizes can range from expensive gifts to certificates/ trophies and congratulatory E-cards.

Businesses can either use their own internal systems to collect nominations - on a forum perhaps or more complex schemes such as http://www.reward

Regardless of the amount of money businesses invest in a scheme like Reward Gateway/ a recognition scheme could prove to be the most sensible investment that they make considering that one of the main reasons individuals leave an organisation is due to lack of recognition. Recognising an employee's hard work is proven to increase employee engagement by 61% according to the Society of Human Resource Management (2012) and if they're engaged they're more likely to work hard and be loyal.

Introducing Flexitime/Flexible working

Good companies recognise that people have lives outside of work and for many people (especially when there are kids involved) life comes above work in the work/life balance. Great managers recognise that people have other priorities and that if they are happy in their work/life balance they will perform better. Being flexible with parents and allowing them to start half an hour later so that they can drop their children off at school rather than pay for expensive child care fees etc. will not result in a disruptive workforce, rather the opposite; a mutual respect is earnt and working parents will be more likely to be loyal and work hard for their employer, for example research by Regus found 70% of managers reported an increase in productivity after a shift to flexi-working.

Don't be afraid to approach your management, for example; when I asked to work into part of my lunch hour in order to make an earlier train connection at the end of the shift my manager was very accommodating and saw the importance of allowing this, her response was 'of course, my new motto is a happy workforce is a productive one' and damn was she right!