Make December Great! How To Enjoy The Festive Period At Work

December 5th, 2016

Written by Katy Winship

Throw A Christmas Party

FOOD: At ACS we are known for throwing a good buffet; everybody contributes something so that we have lot of variety and they occur sometimes as regularly as monthly. We're pretty much experts in buffets so we thought we would share our tips: 1. Make a list of who is bringing what to avoid a beige buffet. 2. Open the buffet early- we suggest 11am. 3. Hold it on a Thursday so that you can eat the leftovers on a Friday. 4. Make sure you have some sharp knives in order to cut cake - ACS even stock knives if you need them! Feel like you forgot something other than food? We have it covered- Make sure you stock up on paper plates, forks, cups, napkins, cling-film and kitchen roll with us today!

MUSIC: Listen to our Christmas Spotify playlist here, you're all set.

OUTFITS: Encourage everybody to wear something a little bit Christmassy, even if the office Grinch says they don't own a Christmas jumper (lie) insist they wear something green or red.

Decorate Your Office

Decorate your office and spread some cheer - whether it's a lovingly hand-crafted decoration or the old trusty 3ft tree and tinsel, everyone seems to chirp up a bit once the tree is up. Why not go the extra mile and add to the excitement by wrapping up some mystery presents for your colleagues to place under the tree?

There are lots of ideas on Pinterest for crafts you can make yourself including using our favourite (and most pinch-able pen) the Sharpie - Click here for Sharpie Christmas crafts

Take A Work Family Portrait

Why not start an annual tradition and arrange a Christmas photo shoot of your teams? Rather than leaving it in a folder in your documents go to the effort of printing them and consider starting a photo album.

Play ACS Crimbo Bingo!

Download your Crimbo Office Bingo sheet here and play with friends for office- friendly festive fun!

Get in touch with us on Twitter @acsacsltd when you have a full house and tell us your Christmas office stories for your chance to win some exclusive ACS goodies!

Spread Some Kindness In The Office

There are many results online for the search 'Advent Kindness Calendar'. Kind acts can be infectious and make other people want to pay it forward. Being kind doesn't have to cost the earth- how nice would it be if you were to come back to your desk one afternoon to find a kind post-it message on your desk complimenting you?

Secret Santa

If your office colleagues don't receive presents from mystery senders (Secret Santa) already then enforce it now! You can set a limit for spending - a fiver is sufficient, make people smile and bring your team closer in one go!

Exchange Christmas Cards

Whether they are electronic or cardboard, lavish or budget a simple Christmas card can be the perfect way to tell a colleague how grateful you are for the work they have done and how well a job you think they do. They are personal and friendly and as Christmas is a time for sentiment you can afford to be a bit soppy!