Getting The Nation Working Well

June 10th, 2015

Written by Vicki Ward

It can often be disregarded by companies just how important providing the right equipment when working in the office or at home is to the well-being of employees. It's crucial for companies to make sure that workstation assessments are being properly carried out as these provide invaluable benefits to their employees and their business. UK businesses are losing around £5.8bn a year to staff absenteeism - most of it linked to bad working habits when using computers, laptops and tablets.

It's the employer's legal obligation (EU Directive 90/270/EEC) to organise annual Workstation Risk Assessments to ensure their employees are working safely and comfortably, whatever their location. Considering that UK employees spend on average 6.5 hours a day sat working at a computer, laptop or tablet, it's understandable how problems are developed from reduced concentration to severe health conditions.

There are plenty of simple and effective products available to improve the safety and comfort of employees in their workplace. In particular, the Fellowes Ergonomics range has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of an individual developing workstation related pain or injuries.

To prevent back strain, a foot and back support together with a Posture Manager is recommended to ensure employees maintain the correct posture. A monitor riser allows employees to adjust their computer screen to the right level, relieving neck strain. Avoid feeling discomfort in your wrists whilst using a computer or laptop by using an ergonomic wrist support.

As well as benefits to their comfort and security, by implementing such solutions to promote health and wellbeing amongst your team, employees are likely to feel valued and motivated in their role.

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