How The Bad Habits You Don't Know About Are Affecting Your Health

October 24th, 2016

Written by Katy Winship

Here are the bad habits that occur daily which are detrimental to your health:

Affecting Your General Health

Not Hand Washing Properly

Not hand washing thoroughly can lead to many germs being spread for example; touching food with contaminated hands spreads illnesses such a Salmonella, E. Coli and diarrhea infection. Washing your hands for ten seconds may sound a lot but that only gets rid of 90% of germs. Considering germs spread like wildfire it's best to spend an extra 5 seconds washing- be thorough and make sure you dry your hands properly as damp hands are 1,000 times more likely to spread germs than dry hands.

Affecting your sleep

Using your smart phone in bed

You may have heard this before but it's worth reinforcing this important message- the blue lights that phones emit are seriously bad for your health! The light halts production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin so stops you from having a peaceful night's sleep. So, unless it is absolutely necessary try not to use your phone before bed - not using for two hours before sleep is the recommended time.

Saying yes to everything

You can't be everything to everyone and you may wind up over your head and be forced to disappoint someone by saying yes then having to say no later. Be realistic about what is achievable- if you are asked to do something that makes you anxious, take time to consider your answer before saying yes. For example, if someone is demanding a work task is completed at short notice and you don't think that you can deliver- explain your other priorities, their important task may not be so important once they realise how heavy your work schedule is.

Not Asking For Help

Asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness. Asking for help often occurs when unrealistic goals are set- often by yourself. There is truth in the phrase "a problem shared is a problem halved" so swallow your pride and accept that you might need help- you might think people will think less of you but you may be completely wrong- they would rather help you than watch you struggle and not ask for help. If it is a work task that needs to be completed- ask before it is too late for people to fit helping you into their schedule.

Affecting your sense of self and self-esteem


You might think gossip is harmless fun but think how you'd feel if you heard somebody talking about you in a derogatory way! Take this advice- it's always best to keep your mouth tightly closed. If you learn to sit on the fence, particularly in the workplace, you will realise that others respect you for taking the moral high ground and you will respect yourself more. You will achieve a higher sense of self by seeing yourself in a more positive light and in turn create higher self-esteem.

Social Media

Social Media, particularly Facebook, is renowned for impacting negatively on our self esteem. As humans, observing only the positive elements of other people's lives lead us to comparing our own and feeling bad about ourselves- why haven't we achieved X, Y and Z- Keeley from High School has- her life is perfect! What we often fail to realise is that "Keeley" may have just had a week long row with her husband and her life is not as perfect as we are lead to believe. Try not to compare yourself, try not to check social media so often and count your blessings.

Being Late

Even by being a few minutes can drive the time-conscious absolutely crazy. If you have agreed to meet at a certain time it is only courteous that this time is adhered to. If you show respect for others in ways like this you will gain a mutual respect among your peers and - on a personal level - a sense of what's right and you will feel good about yourself.

Affecting your reputation

Poor Email Communication

Not responding to emails may be affecting your reputation, a simple thanks is all that is required sometimes and ignoring work emails is bad form. Be responsive and thorough without being rude. If it's a complex issue then pick up the phone.

Responding to emails too fast however, can mean that you are distracted by someone else's agenda. If you have a deadline to meet maybe turn off your emails , don't check so often, or put an out of office message on- if anything is urgent people will be sure to call.

Bad Manners

Spreading a smile and saying thanks is not only good for morale, it's also infectious. "Thank you" is a very powerful couple of words, especially when they are unexpected. It is also important to recognise a good job. That person had a choice - they didn't have to do something in such an effective way. If you start to give thanks people will appreciate you and respect you more- if you fail to give thanks then your reputation could be in tatters.