Modernising Your Office Interior

April 1st, 2015

Written by Vicki Ward

What's everybody else doing?

From Google's fireman poles to YouTube's indoor putting green, and from Beats Electronics floor-to-ceiling whiteboards to Red Bull's three-storey video wall. These global enterprises have diminished the boundaries of office interior design with extraordinary installations, trendy furniture and quirky perks. Of course these examples are interior innovation taken to the extreme and there is plenty of debate about whether or not such outrageous office spaces do actually aid productivity.

We do agree though that no office needs to be dull or boring. Even with a low budget, making subtle changes can make a difference to the mood and output of employees, plus the brand image portrayed to external visitors.

Here are some ideas for updating your office interior...


Modern offices have moved away from the traditional neutral tones and are now more colourful. Different colours have unique psychological effects though, so choosing the right colours is important. According to psychologists, red stands for energy and stimulus whereas orange is known to be sociable and joyful.

Yellow communicates happiness and represents alertness, positive attributes, while green represents harmony and blue stands for calm and quiet. Simply add a splash of colour to lift the mood in your office with desktop accessories, chairs or noticeboards. We also offer an unlimited range of contemporary fabric options on selected styles of chairs across the whole seating range.

Bench Desking

A great solution if you're limited on office space, bench desking allows a more cost effective and efficient use of your office space. Arista Bench System Desking combines a unique contemporary design to create streamlined, uninterrupted workstations to suit a variety of office environments.

We at ACS have recently implemented bench desking, transforming our office from 86 to 119 available desk spaces! A full range of steel storage, desktop screens, and cable management solutions are also available to compliment the range.


Customising interiors is increasingly demanded by businesses to ensure that every element of their office is designed to reflect their brand. We offer the easyOffice® 'design your own cupboard' service which enables our customers to design the exterior of their customised cupboards online in just a few minutes.

Standing Desks

We supposedly spend more than half of our waking hour sat down, whether watching TV, driving a car, or working at a desk. Sitting for long periods of time is as much detrimental to our productivity as it is our health. And so the standing desk has been developed! You'll burn more calories and stay more alert throughout the day. Just be sure to wear comfy shoes.