How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint In 10 Easy Steps!

September 5th, 2016

Written by Katie Colleran

Pour an ethical brew

By switching your tea and coffee supplies to fair trade and organic products, you're helping the workers at the source of production sustain their livelihoods. It's not just less well known brands who supply these drinks - Taylors of Harrogate, Clipper and Pukka all offer organic teas and coffees for guilt-free refreshment. Just look for the Rainforest Alliance badge.

Make the greener switch

Dirt never disappears - it just moves from one place to another! By switching to eco-friendly cleaning products, you can be sure you're using products with safely biodegradable cleaning agents that won't harm the environment when washed away. Environmentally friendly cleaning brands such as Ecover have developed their range with plant-based ingredients, and also offer a refilling service on some products.

Print like a pro

You've probably seen the "think before you print" e-mail signatures before, and creating one is easy. This alone however may not visibly reduce your print output. Switch your printers to the duplex setting and print on both sides of the paper by default. You'll be surprised how much paper you save!

Let the sun shine in

We here at ACS love our natural light when the sun is out! Save energy costs by opening any blinds and making the most of the daylight, and installing energy saving bulbs when it's dull. In winter, we recommend sensor lighting which switches off automatically when there's no one around.

Separate your wastage

Do you already separate your rubbish to recycle, or does it all go in the same bin? Implementing a recycling scheme in your business can motivate your employees to do the same. Remove personal waste paper baskets under desks and provide larger separate bins for paper, cans and organic waste. Why not appoint a member of staff as recycling champion in each of your teams and turn it into a competition?

Switch off!

It's not just the visible waste you need to keep up to. Which appliances do you leave running when you leave the office? The only thing that should remain on is an alarm system, and of course the fridge! Auto shutdown devices such as timer plugs can be used to ensure you're not wasting energy when you leave the office. If you can't switch PCs off, ensure they are set to hibernate and save energy after a time.

Maintain and save

Boilers, air conditioners and some electrical devices will need regular maintenance. It's easy to forget to regularly maintain these appliances, but must be done regularly to ensure your equipment is in good working order, and isn't wasting any energy you're not using.

Get up and go... together!

You can majorly reduce your business' carbon footprint by introducing a car pool system. Many employers will offer a guaranteed parking space or other benefit to those who car-share with their workmates. A few less cars on the road each day really makes a difference to your overall carbon output.

On your bike...

UK employers of all sizes and sectors are able to implement the Cycle to Work scheme. It works by allowing employers to loan bicycles to their staff, often through a salary sacrifice scheme. Not only is this a tax-free benefit to employees, but employers can also benefit from a healthier workforce.

Every drop counts

There's a range of water saving gadgets out there that can make a difference to your bills, and the environment. Tap inserts will save you water each time you turn on the tap, and dual flush converters can reduce the water used from flushing a toilet by up to 50%! In addition, rainwater harvesting systems can be plumbed into your business (or home). Whilst it may be a pricey initial outlay, you'll reduce water usage by 35 - 40% normally and up to 55% in rainy weather./h2>