How To Be An ACS Spy!

August 8th, 2016

Written by Katy Winship

It's that time of year in our office when we start planning our annual Q4 promotion, which, for those of you not in the know is a yearly 3 month long incentive for our Sales teams which always has a theme, for example, last years' theme was based around the ITV show 'I'm a celebrity'. This is a fun yet very busy period for our Marketing team and one thing that makes it difficult for us, other than the endless planning of tasks, decorating, devising a points system and sourcing the obscure, is the fact that the theme for Q4 is always kept Top Secret.

Of course we have learnt to embrace our inner Jason Bourne and be discreet- talking in whispers, communicating with suppliers over email and generally going to great lengths in order to prevent little ears pricking up and accidently spilling the beans to their colleagues.

So from our years of working undercover in covert operations we thought we'd share the lengths we have to go to in order to keep our Q4 Promotion confidential. Here's our advice on working on classified cases:

Use secure folders Keep prying eyes away from your top secret projects with secure drives- if your IT department can't sort this out for you consider keeping any related documents on a password protected external hard drive.

Press Ctrl, alt, delete Use the ctrl, alt, delete shortcut if you leave your desk to lock your PC or Laptop. So what if you've known Susan for 5 years? Don't trust anyone!

File away Utilise your filing cabinets and folders to hide things away where people might not look when snooping. Use colour coding to indicate secret documents, perhaps invent your own code for only you and your colleagues in the know!

Lock it up Lock your screens, hide your documents and hard drives in your drawers and lock them- heck, buy a safe if you need to. Suspect everyone!

Meet in private Keeping classified conversations to inside the meeting room reduces the risk of anything sensitive being overheard.

Use Screen Filters Janice from HR decided to sneak up and scare you and you were working on the case and saw everything on your screen - your plans to keep this private are now scuppered (everyone knows what a gossip she is). If you'd have had a screen filter this wouldn't have happened.

Print at quiet times If you have to print then make sure you race to the printer, or better still, print out at quiet times or at lunch time when people are away from their desks.

Destroy the evidence People have been known to fish in bins for confidential information so make sure you destroy the evidence securely, we're not suggesting setting fire to documents here, a simple shredder will suffice.

Need to keep your work private? Speak to ACS about how we can help your secret operation!