Feng Shui Your Office

July 5th, 2016

Written by Katy Winship

Feng Shui is so much more than placement of furniture as we have discovered in this week's blog:

'If you can get feng shui officethe flow right, good health and good fortune should follow.'

Add some nature - Adding natural elements such as sunlight and green plants can work wonders for productivity by boosting health and happiness. If you have the luxury of space and money adding an aquarium to your space is held in high regard and proven to be therapeutic. Adding water is very significant in Feng shui teachings to enhance the ch'i flow, so adding a tank is a real investment. Also, fish are said to attract wealth and enhance career luck particularly those in black and blue colours. If an aquarium isn't a possibility a picture of flowing water will also work.

Breathe fresh air - an important element of Feng Shui is fresh air and daylight. Not all of us are blessed with working in an office with windows however but there are things you can do to create better energy-

• Improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants from the air from synthetic materials found in your building by adding plants such as an Areca Palm, a peace lily or a rubber plant. In addition, some people add crystal stones into their plant pots to attract wealth.

• Open windows and keep your room's allergen free with an air purifier.

Move around - there are some rules of Feng shui that are not so easy to implement given the spaces we have but are said to be beneficial.

• Position your desk so that you face towards the door rather than away from the door, this way you will always be prepared for whatever business might come your way.

• Imagine your desk is a compass-set your computer up pointing either north or west. These directions are said to promote work, efficiency and creativity.

Tidy - tidy up your space- you don't need any distractions- you've heard the phrase 'Tidy house, tidy mind' haven't you? Now apply it to the workplace.

• Consider cable tidies to hide any ugly wires.

• Organise your paperwork by date or category using coloured binders or many of the filing systems we provide at ACS.

• Use storage boxes to tidy away piles of paperwork

• Or if you can, consider a paperless office- use your photocopier to scan important documents away so that you no longer require paper copies. If not, use colour coding and filing systems- just get the junk out of sight- whatever works for you.

ACS can help you Feng shui your office, whether it be helping you choose new furniture, ordering your organisational supplies or providing advice on a paperless office- we'll be there for you. Call today.

Come back next week for part 2 - Attract success and reflect your business with Office Feng shui