Why Does The Written Word Mean So Much?

April 22nd, 2016

Written by Vicki Ward

National Stationary Week's aim is to get people all over the world talking and writing about stationery, and why writing by hand is important. And to send more letters and cards, and not just text or email.

Thought And Caring

Typing a text or sending an e-mail is easy. The message can come from the heart and have all the best intentions but the written words speaks so much more. It's personal and treasured and your handwriting breathes personality. Just like no DNA is the same, neither is handwriting. Anyone can use Times New Roman!


Nowadays all e-mail software and text has spell check so we almost become over reliant on this handy software to check our work. Hand-writing doesn't have this feature so you have to use your brain more and make sure you don't become lazy by just relying on spell-check to tell you! Everyone has that one word they find so hard to get right - mine is "liaise" and I am 100% guilty of letting spell check sort out my mistake, whereas when I write this word down I actually have to engage my brain of how it should be spelt!

No Jargon!

Can you remember the most important documents of all time being littered with LOLs, ROFLs or L8Rs? No, neither can I! Handwriting encourages the correct use of language.


Imagine the scene .... "Aww look at this letter I wrote when I was five! Look how bad my spelling was!"

"Aww look at this e-mail I sent when I was five." Not very interesting is it? Being nostalgic about hand written notes, letters and drawings will always beat those done on a computer.

Will Email Stand The Archive Of Time?

Handwritten documents and notes have been passed down through centuries to permanently record some of history's most important events - not just consigned to a virtual trash bin.