Keurig: Makes Your Office Smell Like A Coffee Shop!

March 18th, 2016

Written by Vicki Ward

After finally managing to pry the Keurig machine from the Commercial Director to test out this brand-new to the UK market coffee machine. After trying this machine out for the last few weeks, we won't be handing it back in a hurry!

Portable and discreet

The first benefit is the Keurig is completely transportable, as in you can pretty much have this coffee machine anywhere you want. You don't have to get it plugged in to the water mains, you just simply fill a container in the machine with water and as long as you have a plug source you can put this machine pretty much anywhere you want and you're good to go!

Even if you think you won't have the space for a coffee machine, it's probably no wider than our standard microwave and no deeper, so it won't get in the way. As you can see, we slotted the Keurig next to our microwave in the office kitchen and we put all the hot drinks options above the microwave - so no matter how little space you have in the office kitchen, there will be space for your Keurig!

Variety of pods - make your office smell like cake!

As a non-coffee drinker myself, I made sure that the whole office were involved in the coffee tasting process to give the Keurig a proper review. For the non-coffee lovers (like me), there is the Twining's English Tea and Cafe Escapes Hot Chocolate Pods. The whole office happily got involved in "Operation Keurig Test" and let me tell you, the office has never smelt so delicious - it was like walking into your local Starbucks every morning!

Boys being boys, the men of the office closely analysed all the different features and coffee size cups and tested the "sturdiness" of the machine - and gave positive feedback, as well as "Do we get to keep this?" Which signifies they were definitely fans too!

There are 19 cups to choose from seen here, something for everyone in the office!

Click Here To See Them All

Saves so much time!

The Keurig will save you so much time, it simply is a case of putting the pod in, and choosing the size of your cup and pressing go! Whether you're doing a round of six or just for yourself this will dramatically cut the time you're spending waiting for the kettle to boil and then messing around with tea bags and coffee portions, it's simply pod in, pod out!

And save you so much money!

If you consider that a large cup of coffee can cost anywhere between £2 to £2.85 at premium coffee shops, you could be having the same standard of coffee for a fraction of the price. With a pod averaging approximately 50p per cup, you could be saving yourself over £12 a week, based on if you buy just one premium drink a day... that's £611 saved a year! (If you drink more than that, duplicate accordingly!) There is the initial outlay of the price of the coffee machine, but call one of our Account Managers today to see what fantastic offers we are able to give on this machine!

And finally, you'll be supporting a company that do things the right way...

Keurig products are sourced, designed and manufactured in ways that are good for people and the environment. Their coffee is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, and they've awarded over £7 million in grants across 17 countries to various project partners, focusing on various solutions for food security, access to water, education and healthcare.