ACS Celebrates Our Apprentices In National Apprenticeship Week!

March 17th, 2016

Written by Vicki Ward

ACS are one of over 130,000 businesses across the UK who offer Apprenticeship places because we recognise their effectiveness at increasing productivity, improving business performance and ensuring a committed and competent workforce.

The ACS Apprenticeship Scheme was launched last year, what started as one soon turned into seven, with the whole business recognising where an Apprentice could add value and where we could add value back to them, bring fresh new ideas, new life to the company and hopefully significantly launch their career with some solid and true business-experience groundwork.

Most of the apprentices are spread out across the business, but we have one apprentice very close to the marketing team and we have all watched him blossom and come out of his shell and we hope that we, as a business, can make a significant and positive impact on apprentices. Those that start as nervous and unconfident school leavers to confident, ambitious and career-hungry young adults!

L-R (Top - Ryan, Charles, Harriet, Matthew. Bottom - Beth, Chloe, Gabby).

What skills do you feel you have developed at your time here?

The biggest skill that I have learnt is my telephone manner, this has improved drastically; I was okay before I started but I had NO confidence with it. Now I think I could call just about anyone! I had a job before - but coming into a company like ACS is the total opposite. Unlike most companies, they try to make things different. So you aren't having the same day again and again which you don't get with other companies. It's a lot harder than you think as well, you have different pressures than you have previously, however for myself they make me better as I want to achieve the goals that are set. (Gabrielle Eabry-Bose).

What have you learnt about the business?

I've learnt loads; obviously about all the products and about all the different things we do. I've also learnt about different people and how to work in a team. I've also developed my skills when talking to people on the phone and face to face, like learning how to make conversation with people easily. (Beth Tovell).

What are your plans going forward?

I would love to continue working with ACS. They are a company that care so much about their employees and for me that is a huge plus. I've never been surrounded by such wonderful people and I don't think I could enjoy working anywhere else as much as I have enjoyed working here. (Ryan Earnshaw).

What has your time so far at ACS taught you?

I have learnt about the business that it is a very social job and you need to be confident to do well. You can't be shy when you work in sales and unfortunately I am quite shy however I think working on the phones has made me come out of my shell a lot more. I have also learnt what it's like to work with lots of different people and not all the same age, gender etc. It's a lot different to school which was a big change! If I could recommend ACS to a friend I would say - they deal with your stationary needs quickly and in a fun way and they always find a way to provide you with everything you need!! (Harriet Fortune).

And a special mention to...

Matthew, our first ever ACS Apprentice seen here taking the role of MD for a promotional day last year! Matthew said:

I have learnt valuable skills for life. ACS has given me a platform to stand on in the industry. I also never knew how many people got frustrated over paper prices! I have developed myself as a person, matured and learnt how to work successfully in a team and take initiative. My courtesy and respect towards people has certainly improved.

What's the future for Matthew?

I plan to take over ACS and then the world!