Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier!

March 1st, 2016

Written by Vicki Ward

If you work in an office your keyboard is your tool (pretty much) and I am sure that you might know some of the following, but not all! These keyboard shortcuts will save you so much time and make your time behind the keyboard so much more effective!

Alt and Tab

This is my ultimate favourite keyboard short cut, which allows you to flick from open programmes in less than a second. I use this every day, all day long.

Control and C

Control and C = Copy, whether that's an image or selected text and then you need...

Control and V

Control and V = paste. As above, whether that's an image of text.

Control and F

This opens the "find" option, and this works on a text document, Excel Document and even on a webpage. So you know those annoying times where you google something, open the first few hits and are searching for your answer and you just can't find it? Well use Ctrl + F for your keywords and I promise you'll find it!

Control and A

Control and A selects everything, which is useful for me when I am copying data from Excel into other formats or uploading blogs for example!


Stand alone "Tab" moves to the next control. What is that? When you are filling out online forms it will go to the next subject field you need to fill in.

Control and Home

Moves the cursor to the top of a document.

Control and End

The opposite of the above, moves your cursor to the end of the document.