How Plantronics Has Improved My Productivity

February 2nd, 2016

Written by Danielle Hindley

Earlier last year, ACS became a CONNECT Programme supplier for Plantronics. You may have seen many of our marketing materials promoting the use of Plantronics headsets that deliver superior sound, style and comfort.

It's all well and good talking about the benefits of a product, but harder to prove that they will actually benefit you. So here's first-hand how a headset from Plantronics has improved our Account Managers, Danielle Hindley's productivity.

"I only started working at ACS 1st September last year and have thoroughly enjoyed the role, atmosphere, people and company values. ACS became a CONNECT Programme supplier for Plantronics last year, and as a result every sales member received a Plantronics headset to start using and enjoying all the benefits the headsets have to offer.

I will be brutally honest, the thought of wearing one of the headsets didn't exactly excite me. Typically when I thought of headset I imagined a call centre, which let's face it they are the first big set ups that understand and use these and with good reason. However I now realise that so many companies are realising the genius benefits of Plantronics heads sets. There are many different wearing styles to suit each individual. I personally use a wireless Savi (Plantronics Savi W720), I can walk all-over the building, make a brew, use the loo (obviously not on to customers) go to various departments when needed all still talking to customers/colleagues on the line. If I need to nip to the printer/fax machine with the customer still on the line I can (yes people do still use fax!) The freedom alone to move around the office is amazing. I cannot rave about it enough.

There is also the noise cancelling which is a massive benefit for me as I work in such a happy, bubbly, crazy, enthusiastic environment, we have music on in the background and the occasional outburst of laughter. With us all being so passionate about what we do it can be a noisy environment which can sometimes be distracting if you are engaged in a conversation with a customer. However this has improved 100% for me since using my head set.

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone no matter what profession you are in. Even just the fact that you no longer restricted by telephone cables is a huge benefit!"

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