ACS Sales Academy

July 14th, 2021

Written by Leon Oakley

At ACS we believe in nurturing homegrown talent, which is why over our 12 years of trading we have trained and hired over 30 apprentices in total. Given our success over the years we have now set up a dedicated ACS Sales Academy, which is designed to give a clear structured start to ACS life for all sales apprentices.

During their 4-week initial training programme, our apprentices are given inductions from each department within ACS and receive training on the basic skills required for success – such as system training, call skills, product training and basic sales training.
Each apprentice is provided with a mentor so they have someone they can go to for support and competition is introduced early with an award for the best apprentice over initial training - The One to Watch Award.

After graduation from the Training Academy, apprentices then move to the Sales Academy led by Sacha, our New Business Sales Director. Here they continue to develop their skills in a real-life setting and after successfully passing the Sales Academy, apprentices are then streamed into a business unit that best matches their skill set.

In addition to our Sales Academy, we are still continuing to recruit local apprentices for other departments within ACS – who receive specialist training for their specific role. Currently we have apprentices in our marketing, online and managed print departments, alongside many former apprentices who are now permanent members of staff.

Meet our apprentices!


Imitiaz is full of energy and always smiling. He is going to have to hit the ground running as he has really expensive taste in clothes!


The first of the new class of apprentices to make a sale (Wobble stools no less) Morgan loves F1 and Bradford City.


Our new celebrity Adara plays rugby for Bradford Bulls ladies, bringing that same passion to her new role.


Adrian has two very contrasting passions combining MMA with photography and Art.


At 16, Roland is the youngest person within ACS. He is also one of the most talented, having won the first ever ‘One to Watch’ Award.


A full-time apprentice and part-time taxi driver (Sam is the only apprentice with a car!)