Time-saving Tips

March 22nd, 2021

Written by Katy Winship

With the clocks going forward we’ve been thinking a lot about time and the ways we can save ourselves more time by being efficient. If the last year has taught us anything it’s that time is precious, so here are a few tips to make you more efficient. You’re welcome.

Whatsapp Web

OK, so this one is a little naughty! If you’re stuck in a WhatsApp chat but pushed for time (or data) try using Whatsapp Web on your laptop or desktop. Type your messages faster and copy links and images faster from your browser.

It’s easy to use and can be set up within a minute. Don’t delay and get it now!

Reopen closed tabs

Lost your tab accidently by being a bit too click ready? Easily restore your page by right clicking in the New tab (with the plus symbol) on Chrome and select “Reopen closed tab”. Voila! Your web page is back!

Likewise, if you shut the whole of chrome down and lose all your pages – and if you are anything like me you will have at least ten on the go – you can quickly get them all back by pressing CTRL, Shift and T

Search Google for...

Struck by an idea or question after reading about something online? Rather than typing up a search enquiry in Google, highlight the word in your article or web page that you want to and right click. Choose “Search Google for (your highlighted word)” and a Google search enquiry will open in a new tab.

Easily open Task Manager

Is your Outlook not responding? Instead of going to a lock screen, you can just hit CTRL, Shift and Esc to bring up Task Manager in a second.

Snipping tool

Snipping tool is a great time-saver and one of my favourites. I found out about this five years ago when I first joined the business and still recall how impressed I was (I’m aware of how pathetic this makes me sound…). It’s the Windows app that’s the equivalent of taking a screenshot and it lets you choose the area that you “snip” out.

You can use the tool in different modes so can easily draw a shape around what you want to save or a simple rectangle. You can also then annotate and highlight areas (of text for example) then quickly email it from within the app to your list of Outlook contacts.

Snip and sketch

Even easier than Snipping tool (if you can remember the combination) is the snip and sketch feature. Simply press the windows Key and Shift and S (on windows) or CMD and Shift and 4 (on Mac) to take a screenshot which can be instantly saved to your desktop.

Taskbar pinning

Rather than searching for your application/program each time you boot up your device, why not pin it to the task bar. Pin things you use regularly so that it’s just one click away. All you need to do is right click your application icon and choose to pin this program to taskbar and there you have it – seconds saved!


Download the Grammarly extension to improve your grammar when typing. It’s essentially a writing assistant that alerts you when there are spelling mistakes and grammar errors, such as missing punctuation.

You also get regular emails telling you how many words Grammarly has checked and what your regular mistakes are. It also tells you how productive you have been compared to other Grammarly users and it even informs you of the tone you have used – for instance whether you have been optimistic and confident sounding or sad and negative.

Mind Manager

We use Mind Manager here at ACS to prioritise tasks. It’s great to use if you’re on a long call that has a lot of actions to follow up on. It’s great to use for projects when there are lots of stakeholders and is so simple to use. Mind Manager also makes it easy to re-prioritise tasks or topics and the maps you create look really good once complete, allowing you to present ideas without loads of copy, just with short snappy messaging.

To find out more about Mind Manager or to request a free trial contact one of our Account Managers today.