Improve You And Your Team's Productivity At Work

January 19th, 2016

Written by Vicki Ward

How great does it feel when you sit down at the end of the day and go through everything you've managed to achieve in the day?! Well why not try and capture that feeling every day with these simple tricks:

Figure out exactly what you've got to do

We've all got lists upon lists of to-do jobs and tasks and sometime they become so long that you can get disheartened by the work-load. Your first task is to write down all the tasks you need to complete, it doesn't have to be in order at first. Now with a highlighter go through the tasks that need to be done ASAP. Whether that's today or this week. Now look at the highlighted tasks again and priorities these. Start a new job list with your priorities list only. Do not concentrate on the other tasks until your yellow highlighted tasks are done.

Eliminate all distractions

Put your phone upside down so you're not distracted by the messages coming up on screen. Shut your email down for an hour if it would help and allow yourself to check in every hour or two hours. Don't worry about missing out - if it's a true emergency someone will call you on your direct dial.

Set yourself deadlines

You will have set deadlines for work, but within every piece of work you can set yourself mini deadlines. Also if you are relying on others to complete a certain part of your project, make it clear when you expect the work to be completed on their part so you can hit their deadline. If they can't make that deadline, make sure they tell you as it will impact your personal deadline.

Incentivise your staff or yourself

All people work differently and some like to be incentivised to work better and faster. Here at ACS we are always being incentivised and we've recently just announced the winners of Q4 who will be jetting off to South Africa on an all-expenses paid trip to South Africa - what better incentive to overachieve? Whether you are in a management position or not - think about ways to motivate you and your staff. If you can't offer monetary incentives why not offer an early finish? Or a late start so they can have a lie in?

How to incentivise yourself? If you finish certain tasks reward yourself, whether it's if you I finish this project a day in advance I'll buy those jeans I've been after, or smaller incentives like a quick trip to the vending machine for a sugar treat!

And finally ...take a break

Really it seems silly to encourage this but if you sit with your head in a piece of work for too long you will start to become counter-productive, get away from your desk, make a drink or go for a walk. Even if your office is based in the inner city or on an office complex there will be somewhere you could go for a 10 minute walk. Why not call your mum/ friend back or put your headphones on and go for a walk. Encourage your team to do the same, especially if you see a colleague that never leaves their desk - ask them to go get a round of hot drinks in for the team.