Start 2016 With A Positive Mind At Work!

January 4th, 2016

Written by Vicki Ward

We've all got our own 2016 New Year's Resolutions, whether we might say it out loud or not, you probably do have some things you'd like to achieve. Whether it's to lose weight or eat healthier.

Here's some great work tips to start your 2016 with a bang:

1. Motivational picture/quote

We all need something to work towards, so this year find something that you want to achieve that will motivate you every day to give that bit extra. Whether it's a great quote, a picture of your dream car. Print it out and have it somewhere on your desk. When you are feeling unmotivated it will drive you to focus back on the task in hand. It will also be a good talking point when people come over to your desk!

2. Get some personal 2016 aims

You will have your team 2016 objectives or wider business objectives but what about your personal ones? Whether it's to start going out for that Friday after work drink or to befriend someone or a team in general that you're not so familiar with in the company. Make it happen, start a conversation with them, not only will it improve your working relationships but should you ever need a work favour from that individual or team you will find it far easier if you already have an existing relationship!

Don't forget to share your aims with your manager, it will show how motivated and forward-thinking you are and they might be able to offer ways in which they can support you to help you achieve your personal goals.

3. Celebrate your staff more

It doesn't matter whether you are in a management position or not, there are many ways in which you can celebrate your staff and co-workers for job well done. If you have a fantastic manager that inspires you, let them know. It doesn't make you a brownnoser if you are being genuine as even managers like to receive feedback about what they are doing effectively. You don't have to do it every week, just occasionally thank them for their support or whatever you love about them.

If you are a manager find ways in which to thank your staff, if they are regularly staying late over busy periods or picking up work while colleagues are away make sure you thank them. Even just a quick e-mail for their efforts will go a long way to know that they are appreciated.