We are moving!

April 4th, 2019

Written by Katy Winship

If you receive our newsletter or follow us closely on Twitter you may already be aware that ACS are moving to pastures new. After a decade in our current building we are now full to the rafters, so in order to expand we decided to move. It’s exciting times at ACS HQ as we go from strength to strength – and luckily for us our new home is just down the road!

Based in Baildon, West Yorkshire, Kismet Buildings is almost triple the size of our current one. With offices over four floors it will be much more suitable to the needs of our growing team and the environment will be one that promotes comfort and productivity for all employees, customers and suppliers.
Management at ACS envisage huge benefits for the employees; additional parking spaces, more local conveniences, canteen space and showers to name just a few, making ACS a more attractive employer for staff members existing and new. Creating a brand-new state-of-the-art office space to accommodate the wishes of over one hundred employees was paramount to the management team. As they believe that an invested team who believe in the business’s future potential will lead to engaged staff and higher productivity.

The amount of space allows ACS employees to do many things which the current space restricts - such as sit in a quiet area at break times and hold stock of bespoke items for their customers in the on-site warehouse. Our Commercial Director, Harry Stevenson, said: "It was this steady and consistent growth of our business, and the size restrictions within the existing business park that has forced a move. We have aggressive growth plans and remain incredibly confident we will continue to show sustainable, robust growth over the coming years, which is why we have invested in Kismet Buildings.”

At the moment, the office is a bit of a building site… As you can see from the below, it is in need of an update to bring the building in line with the ACS brand.

When the move was announced at our annual company objectives meeting the priority post-purchase was to show the team around their new workplace and give them the chance to provide feedback. It was imperative that everyone involved in ACS could visualise their future and embrace the intended investment.

Harry explains: “Our intention is to provide job security, but also create more jobs in general. We aim to increase employee numbers to 130 before the end of 2019, then another 20 plus jobs throughout 2020. The future job creation will also benefit both local people and the local economy as a whole.”

We’re excited to see the transformation. If you are too, don’t forget to follow our progress on Twitter or LinkedIn!