Our Charity Partner Visit to Liverpool

September 3rd, 2018

Written by Katy Winship

Recently my colleague Stacy and I were invited by Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation to visit a laboratory in Liverpool to see first hand the hard work that goes into Lung Cancer research. Both Stacy and I are members of the charity committee so thought it would be beneficial to see where the money we are raising goes. Stacy also has a personal link to lung cancer as her brother (and our colleague) Mark was diagnosed with the disease at the young age of 34 and after a long 5-year battle sadly died two weeks after his 39th birthday.

It was to be an informative trip for both as us as we are very passionate about fundraising, raising awareness and doing what we can in the fight against cancer. Stacy was particularly keen to see the developments in the research for earlier diagnosis as this is key to successfully treating the disease.

These sad facts about lung cancer contribute to the reasons we are working harder than ever to fundraise
for our Charity partner in 2018:

• Every day in the UK more than 120 people are diagnosed with lung cancer
• Every 15mins someone dies of lung cancer in the UK
• Over 35,000 people die from lung cancer every year in the UK

When we eventually found the correct building on the University campus we met with Dr Michael Davis who conducted the tour. We found the day informative and a real eye-opener to us both for many reasons. The sheer amount of work that goes into the research really amazed us; from the vast number of files kept on research volunteers (who have been victims of Lung Cancer) to the intricate way in which their samples are examined for consistencies - it all was pretty mind boggling.

One of the scientists hard at work analysing samples.

We viewed the stores and this fridge was -78 degrees to keep the samples preserved. Pretty cold huh?

We learnt about huge progressions in the detection of lung cancer and were astounded by the developments in early detection devices that are underway. We were surprised about the amount of funding the studies require, nothing is a given so to keep the hard work at the lab continuing it is imperative that donations keep coming in. Early detection is key to improving survival rates in lung cancer sufferers so we really need to ensure that people like Dr Davis and his team continue to get the annual funding that is required to keep them employed and helping to save lives.

Stacy and Michael in front of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation banner.

Lung cancer - The facts:

• Diagnosing lung cancer early means that there are more treatment options which are generally more effective.
• There is no such thing as a “typical lung cancer patient”. One out of every seven people diagnosed each year have never smoked.
• Contact with chemicals found in the workplace or environment, such as asbestos, radon and diesel exhaust fumes may also lead to an increase in lung cancer.
• Lung cancer rates are amongst their highest in areas of deprivation.
• There is currently no screening for lung cancer and it often isn’t diagnosed until at an advanced stage.

Once trails prove that there is a benefit to early screening Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation believe this could save thousands of lives. Just £35 will fund an hour of research into the early detection, treatment and prevention of lung cancer.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation are the only dedicated Lung Cancer charity and they receive no government funding. Everything they do, every person they support, every life they help save, is because of funds raised by supporters. Please donate to help Mike and his team ensure that they receive grants to continue their important research.
We are raising money and awareness Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation in 2018 and aim to raise £20,0000 this year. To find out more information Click here