Why you should aspire and inspire

July 25th, 2018

Written by Katy Winship

Why you should aspire and inspire

On a business trip recently a very wise man (and colleague) told me that in life you must both aspire and inspire.

After spending many hours on the trip with my relatively new colleague I questioned Tony on this and he told me
“Katy, we are responsible for bringing inspiration to younger people. We can simultaneously influence others and be influenced by others to do better”.

Someone had told Tony this a long time ago and it had stuck with him his career. He was inspired then, years later, I was inspired and it got me thinking- am I doing this? I know that I definitely have aspirations to have nice possessions (one day I WILL own a house with a round window, I MUST!) but I can only hope that I make a positive impact and inspire others.

So, are you aspiring?

If you are unsure about what aspirations you have ask yourself this series of questions and it might help you realise:

Who do you admire? Who do you aspire to be? What do you desire the most? What are you motivated by? What do you want out of life? Do you aspire to be successful in your career? Do you want to be the best at something? Do you aspire to travel or own nice things?

“Aspiring” is about individuals

An aspiring individual will be ambitious, hopeful and enthusiastic about the future. They will keep spirits high and they’re perfect people to have on a team and keep others motivated.

How can you achieve your aspirations?

Once you have identified what your aspirations are you also discover the route of your motivation and it is so much easier to focus on your goals and strive to achieve them.Having aspirations (cringe alert) puts you on the right pathway to your destination. They don’t need to be fulfilled a certain way or even at all– having aspirations is more about the journey and keeping inspired motivated and hopeful in fulfilling a worthwhile mission.

And are you inspiring?

Can you think of a time someone has told you that they admire you or because of something you did they were inspired into doing something similar? Ask yourself this series of questions: Do people admire you? Are you proud of yourself? Do you go outside of your comfort zone? Do you encourage others? Do you like to set a good example?

“Inspiring” is about others

An inspiring individual will listen, be caring, enthusiastic and positive and will treat people equally. They will build people up and encourage them to take risks and trust in their own abilities.Leading the way in inspiring others is about sparking thought and activity and ultimately bringing about change. It’s about setting an example and encouraging people when they don’t believe in themselves.

How can you be an inspiration?

With age comes responsibility and we should use our experiences to positively influence others. For example at ACS we have a duty to our younger members of staff to set an example and inspire them onto the most appropriate career path, to work hard and to dream big.

Inspiring others is not entirely selfless. There is nothing better than knowing you are an inspiration to others even if it is something simple such as inspiring others with the interior design of your house. If you are credited as the reason for positive change, regardless of size, you will feel great about yourself.

We have been inspired to help others and aspire to be an inspiration to other businesses. As you might already know we have been working hard on improving our Corporate Social Responsibility and have just completed our first community project. We will be carrying out at least four projects per year and we are committing one day each month to every colleague who wants to volunteer. Find out more here