The worst types of emails to receive

July 10th, 2018

Written by Katy Winship

Can you believe that there are 269 BILLION emails that are sent each day globally? So of course, there’s bound to be a few annoying ones lurking in your inbox. Here are a few of the worst to receive in my humble opinion.



Unhelpful out of office responses

Need to get hold of someone that can help urgently and your contact is on holiday. You have no other contact details? No in-case of emergency contact? Yep that’s the one - terrible email etiquette


Before new GDPR regulations came into force almost 50% of our 121 emails we received were thought to be spam. You know the ones - asking for your time and money, often saying, sorry threatening “this is the last chance I will reach out.” Like we care - go away, this was unsolicited!

Spam is enraging to receive! But at least we can do something about it now - we might not want to tell them to go away but we can request to be taken off their databases.

The “reply all” emails

When you leave your desk for a meeting and return to your desktop to be greeted by thousands of emails that you don’t really need to read.

The begging for help email

Usually last minute and needed yesterday. These are very frustrating when we have packed schedules - usually an indication that somebody somewhere down the line isn’t organised.

One worded replies

These are simply infuriating! You’ve taken a good ten minutes to compose a carefully worded email to receive a simple two letter reply such as “OK”, so then you spend another few minutes endlessly tapping away to then reiterate your point and ask an unanswered question again.

Responses with already answered questions

You know the ones - you have gone into as much detail as humanly possible and because some bright spark hasn’t read the email properly you have to again spend YOUR time typing up a response.

Terrible fonts and colours

This is how we feel about this in the Marketing department. Ugly fonts and colours make our skin crawl.

Ignored emails

The unanswered email we are all often guilty of, often there are good reasons but I must admit this is terrible form. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for someone to get back to you on something that you need to move on. I know, I know, we have to take into account everyone’s agendas but if you can’t respond within a week then you might need to rethink your workload strategy and priorities! I tell a lie, being in a meeting room and waiting for someone to arrive because they hadn’t accepted a meeting request is more frustrating.

The absolute worst

I won’t say who or where but a rather unsavoury email was sent around one business about something (I’ll spare you) that had been found in the staff lavatories.

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