Are you smarter than our ACS colleagues?

March 23rd, 2018

Written by Katy Winship

We had our first monthly charity lunchtime quiz the other week in order to raise cash for our 2018 charity partner Roy Castle Lung Foundation. See if you can beat our high score of 21/30 from our tech team winners Adam and Chris!

Quiz Questions:

1) Which movie features the line “What I do have is a particular set of skills”?

2) What is the real full name of the singer Rihanna born February 20, 1988?

3) Which branch of mathematics deals with the sides and angles of triangles, and their relationship to each other?

4) What does LED stand for?

5) Which size of paper measures 148mm by 210mm?

6) How many dots are there in total on a PAIR of dice?

7) What is the French word for stationery?

8) Which pasta sauce has a name derived from the Italian name for angry?

9) In 1950, India withdrew from the World Cup because FIFA refused to let them do what?

10) What is the only sport to have been played on the surface of the moon?

Name the people below:

23) What is the name of a royal family member nicknamed “the people’s princess”?

24) Which American first lady had a degree from both Harvard and Princeton University?

25) What is the name of the woman who served India as the Prime Minister for 15 years until her assassination in 1984?

26) Which influential civil rights activist stated the following: "I knew someone had to take the first step and I made up my mind not to move."?

27) Which famous female talk show star is now thought to be worth over 2.7 billion dollars?

28) What is the name of the first woman to swim the English Channel?

29) Which woman was the first person to have received two Nobel prizes, the first female professor at the University of Paris and the first lady to be enshrined in France's national mausoleum?

30) Which female artist admitted to using jogging around her neighbourhood whilst singing at the top of her lungs in order to improve her on stage stamina?


1) Taken

2) Robyn Fenty

3) Trigonometry

4) Light emitting diode

5) A5

6) 42

7) papeterie

8) Arrabiata

9) Play barefoot

10) Golf

11) Prince Charles

12) Chris Wood

13) Beverley Callard

14) Lance Armstrong

15) Jon Stewart

16) James Lock

17) Steve Smith

18) Meghan Markle

19) Robert Redford

20) David Guetta

21) Madonna

22) Billie Jean King

23) Princess Diana

24) Michelle Obama

5) Indira Gandhi

6) Rosa Parks

7) Oprah Winfrey

8) Gertrude Ederle

9) Marie Curie

10) Beyoncé Knowles

Find out more about our 2018 Charity partner and get involved here