A Pick Of Our Favourite Accessories

November 18th, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

Thinking of a face lift for 2018? For the office I mean! Well you're in luck as help is on hand. We've a huge range of office interiors available and it's not just chairs and desks. So here's our pick of office accessories available to you!

Starburst Newgate Wall Clock

If you’re anything like me you love retro and mid-century design. I actually have one of these at home. Granted I bought it ten years ago at a carboot sale but it never goes out of style as far as I’m concerned. This classic design is impressive and looks great on a feature wall- it’s always getting admired at my house.
This clock will suit an on trend forward-thinking business but I’d advise bringing your look up-to-date by clashing with bold colours such as orange and teal and other kooky accessories.

Koi Coat Stand

In fact why not team your retro starburst clock with the funky orange coat stand?!

No matter what the era I think orange always seems to look futuristic (just me maybe?) and funky. Clear office chairs of coats and jumpers and ask your employees to use a coat stand.

If orange isn’t for you it also comes in bright green, silver white and black. It also comes with an optional umbrella stand.

Fellowes Professional Series Climate Control Foot Support

This footrest by Fellowes is the ultimate cold-blooded workers dream! My cold feet would relish the chance to be warmed up by this (anyone at Fellowes- if you’re reading this- it’s my birthday soon!) beautiful genius creation. I’d never use the cold setting though, my feet are permanently below zero.

It is height adjustable and it also has little massage bumps- so that you can enjoy your own little foot rub at the comfort of your desk. Interested? Shop here

Ball Room Divider

This circular shaped room divider is part of a range of room dividers which are on offer in a variety of shapes. These come in a range of colours allowing you to match to your design scheme and they can be bespoke to match your office requirements. You could use one of these as an alternative to a wall for open-plan offices or could be great for breakout and privacy areas and it would give the illusion of space.

Barletta Yellow Desk Lamp

This yellow lamp speaks for itself really - if it could speak it would be loud and if it typed it would be typed in CAPS!

It would look great in a minimal paperless office with white desking and other yellow accessories and walls. Very modern and funky.

Tansad Triangular Acoustic Wall Panels

Triangles are firmly in fashion; in fact you’d be forgiven for thinking that they were ever out of fashion. As they come in a variety of colours you could have a lot of fun with pattern with these wall panels and they make an effective yet useful impression.

They are fashionable yet functional as they absorb noise and would look great in a vibrant and noisy office.

Arco Designer Lighting

Again, I’m a sucker for retro influence design. I’ve seen a similar one to this on TV show Mad Men in Roger Sterling’s office (if you know, you know…) and I love the whole executive look it brings when it's pointed over a white lounge chair or sofa. Ideal for the manager’s office or anyone who works long hours who might need a little lie down!

Alternatively this would look great in a cosy reception area. Again it’s fashionable yet functional and makes a statement without breaking the bank.

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