Watercooler chat

November 13th, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

We’re good at talk, in fact some of us do it for a living! So in honour of our chattiness here's a rundown of some of the hot topics in our office...

What we’re watching on TV

Stranger Things, Louis Theroux, Corrie, Blue Planet- anything really- we’re hooked! Forget plans throughout the week- socialising? What’s that?? Tis the season to be wrapped up under blankets on our sofas with a box of celebrations- stuff the diet.

Children’s birthday parties

Kids parties cost a bomb these days! When we were little we used to go to McDonald’s for our birthday parties (how scary was Ronald?!) and have fun sleepovers- now it’s hiring venues and spending the best part of £500 on every single birthday the kids have. There's no getting away from it!

We blame competitive mums.


Between listening to Michael Jackson playlists and watching Stranger Things we have been enjoying a good old nostalgia-fest lately. Childhood memories and embarrassing stories have been flying round the office as regularly as a National Rail strike- Just don’t ask us about our childhood nicknames.


We went to Laserquest last week and had a riot- it's not just for kids! Check out how happy our colleague Matthew is that he came top of the leader-board! I'm not sure Simon was so enthralled however when he ran into a wall and nearly concussed himself. He got no sympathy from us as he should have been following the "no running" rule!

The proper way to make a brew

There’s nothing more disheartening than watching somebody make a poor cup of tea. We've got it right in the marketing department. Boiling water. Five minutes brewing time (Yorkshire, naturally). Take the bag out and THEN add the milk. It's not rocket science. No need to tamper with the bag...! I watched in horror as someone didn't take the bag out first the other day and I nearly chucked it in their face. Do it properly!

Christmas movies

It might just be us being Grinches but it seems far too early to watch Christmas movies. Just at the beginning of November and Channel 5 is devoting Sunday afternoons to the genre. Not really any of note worth a watch (don't waste your time on Deck the Halls- it's terrible!) you'll be better off waiting for the classics in December. In case you're wandering, our favourites are Die Hard 2 and Home alone 2- that's when you'll really feel festive!

Christmas shopping

Yes we have about twenty people to buy for, yes we’ve started doing our shopping and yes it’s stressful! The lights have been switched on, the adverts are on the telly and we’re a fortnight away from hearing a constant whirr of Mariah Carey and Slade. 5 weeks to go, the countdown is on and we're well prepared to help you out.

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