The 1990s office - what we miss, what we don't

October 13th, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

For the next few months you might notice we’re having a bit of a nostalgia fest at ACS! This week we’re all about the 1990’s.

We surveyed our ACS office workers about what they remember about working in an office in the 1990’s (yes some of us are old enough…) and here’s what they told us about what they miss and what they don’t miss:

What we miss about working in the office in the 90’s...

Playing Solitaire

Perhaps you were waiting for something to print out or perhaps you were shirking your responsibilities and were entertaining yourself- whatever the reason it’s more than likely that you played Microsoft Solitaire at least a couple of times a week.

Our Social Privacy

Annie from accounts knows that you were blind drunk last Thursday and that you have just got a puppy thanks to you accepting her friend request.


Before everything was electronic we had to write down (the horror!) our appointments and even our phone numbers! The must have accessory of every yuppie in the 1980’s and 90’s was the Filofax. Many customers still love them- you know where you are with a Filofax- at least you’re not relying on WIFI or battery life!

Screen savers

Now that we have no need for screen savers (they were used to protect CRT monitors from phosphor burn-in) we no longer see these colourful and mesmerising images of yore.

Using the Yellow pages

We somehow miss flicking through that huge book to find our nearest emergency plumber/ locksmith. It’s all just a click of a button these days and a one-minute job to find them- who knew we needed emergency plumbers that quickly!

What we don’t miss...

Shoulder pads

Women no longer need to dress like American footballers to assert their authority, these days women can be powerful and feminine so there’s no need for those crazy power suits.

Machinery Noise

Who can forget the constant noise of the Fax machine whirring and horrifically loud printers? Oh, you thought they were always this quiet? What’s a fax machine you say? You’ll never know the pain...

Files, cabinets and paper everywhere

I mean, just look at the mess here- our paperless offices of the millennium are so much more serene and clean never mind how environmentally friendly they are.


Since the Smoking ban of 2007 we non-smokers can now work without getting a lung full of second hand smoke. We can now watch in glee as smokers huddle together in the cold outside!

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