Get the look with our favourite furniture trends

October 3rd, 2017

Written by Emily Edwards-Whitley

“There’s no place like home” said a girl with pigtails and ruby red slippers in a childhood film I’ve watched far too many times to count. She has a point - there really isn’t any place like home, but given that on average we spend more time at work than in our actual homes it’s not surprising that more and more companies are redefining their office space and turning them into home from homes.

As the way people work constantly evolves and shifts to a much more collaborative culture, the way in which we view the office has also evolved too. These days we expect more and more from our office environment and instead of us fitting round our office furniture – we expect our office furniture to fit round us and our way of working. As such breakout pods, chillout areas and collaborative meeting spaces are all becoming the norm.

And with millennials entering the fray and redefining what they expect out of their work surroundings most companies have had no choice but to sit up and take notice (well they’ll be our bosses in the not-so-distant future right?!) and the focus on employee wellbeing is now higher than it’s ever been. This sense of employee wellbeing has seen the relatively new introduction of sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs and biophilic office design*

*having lots of plants/nature in your office to appeal to your innate human tendency of feeling at one with nature – but you already knew that of course!

So as the role of the office environment continues to evolve, we thought we’d choose our favourite workspace looks and show you how you can achieve them!

Collaborative Workspace

A favourite amongst trendy creative agencies – we love the use of bold bright colours.

L-R: Tempest circular meeting table, Jaks modular seating, Elect designer two seater sofa, Erebus double meeting pod, Jambo breakout seating, Gloss designer chair

Homely office space

Want to create an actual home away from home? Then this is the perfect look… just don’t fall asleep on the sofa after your lunchbreak!

L-R: Cortina designer armchair, Compton weave hanging chair, Warwick solid oak lamp table, Taurus designer desk lamp, Octave low link table, Mortimer designer sofa

Defining space with colour

Heard of colour blocking right? Well this look takes it to a whole new level by separating each area of the office with colour.

L-R: Arista mobile under desk pedestal, CEP Pro Gloss blue desk tidy, Freedom single seater sofa, Rexel Joy letter tray, Giggler designer tub chair, Rexel Joy pen cup, Tony upholstered circular coffee table

Industrial Chic

Bridging the gap between old and new, this is a really cool and edgy setting.

L-R: Bastille retro style large coffee table, Bullitt Newgate clock, Leo designer occasional table, Westgate traditional executive chair, Shipwreck retro buffet cabinet, Ulster black marble table lamp

Having our own dedicated furniture division we know a thing or two about creating the perfect office space. So if you’re thinking of revamping your office, or even just in need of a few pieces call our furniture specialists today on 08444 123 170 to get started on your furniture project.