10 Ways To Make Your Workplace Environmentally Friendly

August 21st, 2017

Written by Nicole Exley

Everyone wants to protect the environment as much as possible however some of us don’t know how to. Here are 10 simple ways in which you can help save the environment at work! (Going green isn’t just about hugging trees)

1. Turn off your equipment when it’s not being used.

This is a simple way in which you can help. By doing this you could save energy by 25%! By turning your computer off when leaving can save energy by 50%! (Yes, this does mean you may have to wait a little longer in the morning for your computer to start up but it’s the least we can do!)

2. Try not to let the tap drip.

When you go to the loo, or are using the kitchen sink, remember to make sure the tap is fully turned off. Doing this could save a wasted drop per second, which can waste up to 10,000 litres per year! Imagine all the relaxing baths you could have with that saved water.

3. Leave the car at home

If you are able to and live close enough, cycle or walk to work. This not only helps the environment by taking away the nasty fumes that come from the car, but it can also clear your head. The fresh air will do you good! Make sure you set off in plenty of time though otherwise it wouldn’t be a nice walk to work, it would be a stressful sweaty run!

4. Try not to use more than 1 cup

If you are going to drink water/tea/coffee/juice at work, try take your own bottle/cup/mug that you can re-use. This will help stop unnecessary waste and also save money for your company so they are not constantly having to re-fill the cups. Don’t have any mugs in the office? ACS do ready and waiting for you here.

5. Energy saving light bulbs

Changing your light bulbs in the office to energy saving ones may help in the saving of energy. Also having a natural light open office will also help as you won’t need such powerful lightbulbs to light the room up. This will save money as well as energy, and not forgetting the strain on your eyes from the artificial light. Need an energy saving bulb? Get one here.

6. Clean your office with green brands

Toxins can harm you and the environment. Replace your window cleaners, desk cleaners, and dish and hand soaps with green brands. This can help with your workers health, increases outbreaks of allergies and a healthier environment! Worth the change. Check out some of our natural cleaning products here.

7. Renewable energy

Having solar panels on the roof of your office will save a lot of energy as well as your businesses electricity bills! It is quite pricey to have them installed but in the long run with the amount of money you’re saving it is worth it. It may also encourage other companies around you to follow your lead by installing some of their own.

8. Desk plants

Yes you read it correctly, desk plants. They not only look pretty on your desk, add character and personality, but they also help clean the air in the office. If you don’t have any room for a desk plant as you have too much paper work, you can use a Rexel Air Purifier which the whole office can benefit from here.

9. Reward your employees for going green

Have a week in which you can set tasks and give out little prizes to encourage your workers to go green! Give them tasks such as not eating with plastic knives and forks for a whole week or keep track on how many plastic cups they are using. Keep a scoring chart and at the end of the week if they reach the target, vouchers and gift cards could be given as prizes!

10. Spread the word

You don’t have to stand on a table and preach about it, however maybe drop it into conversation during your lunch break or when you’re not busy. Maybe stock up on some facts to make others realise on what they could do to help the environment.

If you can’t think of any other reasons why you should help save the environment, think of the penguins!

ACS is a Carbon Neutral company- to learn more click here