A few words about words

July 24th, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

To quote The Tom Tom Club: “Words are working hard for you”. The words we choose can have more of an impact than you might realise! In fact there is a whole theory around what words we use as a culture: the Sapir-Worth Hypothesis explores the theory that the language that we speak has an important effect on the way you think as well as influencing behaviour.
Give this some thought whilst we ponder the power of your chosen words.

Descriptive words

Adjectives are dangerous. A single spoken descriptive word has the potential to change how others perceive you. Once a word is spoken it cannot be unheard. You can hear a million words every day but you’ll always remember that one particular word used to describe you - whether it’s good or bad- that one word has the ability to influence a relationship and alter the way others think about you and also how you think about yourself.

Lack of words

Lack of words can be just as powerful as lots of words. We’ve all had the silent treatment at some time or other and often, my humble opinion is, that it’s never a nice experience. An ignored email, text message or refusal to interact with somebody who has spoken to you is bad manners and such a snub might be more hurtful than some sort of response. You might not intend to do so but, especially in business, ignoring correspondence is not good news and not good business. Make time for people that have made time for you, regardless of their agenda.

Favourite words

Ask around and some people will declare love for certain words that are really satisfying to say, often because they’re frowned upon or tongue in cheek- you know the ones! They’re usually swear words; aggressive words that roll of the tongue – ones that begin with T and P and make you feel relief once spoken.(You know, like "Oi! You prat!" )

Rude words

See above! No, seriously- some people can’t abide rude words so if it’s obvious they don’t tolerate or enjoy the use of your rude language then please adjust your vocabulary accordingly.

Polite words

We all remember as children being reminded to “say please and thank you” but somehow as adults we forget to do so. “Thanks” is one of the easiest and quickest ways of showing gratitude- and it doesn’t cost a penny. How many times have you heard “and I didn’t even get a thanks from them”? Don’t let yourself be that person that they say it about. It’s only six letters, one syllable so easy to say and it’s so much nicer to hear.

Words about you

If someone was to write a few words about you what would they say? There are always jokes flying round about what would be written on people’s epitaphs to sum them up. i.e. “he loved his food”, “she had her faults but she was never wrong!” you know the type. What would yours say? Think about it. You might not care at all. But I’d like to think you do and that those few words that people do say about you once you’ve gone would capture your essence perfectly. It’s just up to us to make sure that they’re kind ones!

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