A sneak peek at the ACS family photo album!

June 19th, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

Mondays, they�re undoubtedly the most disliked day of the week.

But here at ACS no two days are ever the same and Mondays can actually be rather enjoyable. That�s because for many of us our colleagues are like family members, in fact there are quite a few that actually are family; we have sisters, cousins and quite a few husbands and wives all working here together.

ACS was formed almost ten years ago now and then just a small handful of people worked together- those people are still here today and to date we have almost 100 employees!

At ACS we work hard and we play hard and personally, I have never worked for a company that treats their employees so well and I often ponder whether this is the reason for the success of the business.

In 2016 we were listed as one of the 1,000 companies to inspire Britain by the London Stock Exchange- a feat that could not have been achieved without solid team work. Whenever I talk about my job it makes my friends feel jealous because, unlike many of them, I love my job. What really makes it so enjoyable, however, is that I work with a fantastic, fun and energetic bunch of people.

So as a tribute to the team here�s a sneaky peek through our ACS family photo album (don�t worry ACS�ers there aren�t any bad ones!)

Christmas jumper day, December 2016

Christmas party award winners 2009

Charity Coast to Coast bike ride 2014

Our Office Interior specialist, Levi, locked in stocks. Secret garden party 2013

Vow Furniture training 2017

Ecommerce manager, Simon on his charity Machu picchu trek in 2014

Children in Need polka dot day fundraising day 2016

Annual Team building event , June 2016

Sandy and Danny AKA real life couple Martin and Lorraine Kent 2010.
Harry and Rachel at 2011�s team building event.

Ghost Busters! Halloween fancy dress day, 2013

We�re not sure what the heck is happening here and why but it�s from November 2012!

National Apprenticeship week 2016

Our lovely ladies are dazzling here at the 2014 Christmas party

Red nose day 2017!

ACS�ers I salute you!