Top Ten Products Of Q2

June 5th, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

Our pick of the products this quarter!

1. Rexel Activita Air Cleaner

This air cleaner removes dust, allergens and other contaminants from the air. You can also buy a scent pad separately which, if you add a few sprinkles of scented oil, will emit the scent of your choice whilst cleaning the air. We suggest lavender or eucalyptus oil for added health benefits.

Vicky from our Public Sector department loves it! �It�s cured my hay fever! I came in to work today streaming and after a few hours of Vanessa from ACCO giving me one of these my eyes and nose cleared up. I can�t speak more highly of it. And it�s so quiet so you could take it home and have it by your bed whilst you sleep. Interested? Click Here for more information

2. Chewbz Retro Sweets Cube

This is one of the most popular new products at ACS this year! Who doesn�t have fond memories of growing up and eating sweets? The retro sweets cube includes Black Jacks, Drumstick lollies, Love Hearts, Double Dip, Parma Violets, Rainbow Drops, Rainbow Dust, Refreshers, Flying Saucers and more and is ideal to bring some cheer and nostalgia into the office on a dull day. Interested? Click Here for more information

3. Schneider Slider Ballpoint Pens

I cannot praise this pen enough! They are on the more luxury end of the price scale but so worth it as writing with these bad boys is a complete joy, I�ve never loved a pen as much. (I know I sound like I need to get out more but honestly they�re so fluid!) The cap can be left off and it won�t dry out, it�s comfortable to hold as it�s got a rubber grip and it even has some wondrous technology that makes the ink waterproof. I also think my handwriting, which normally resembles chicken scratch, is improved whilst using a Schneider Slider. It�s fun to say too. Interested? Click Here for more information

4. Mydlink Smoke Detector

If you�re a worry-wort like me you�ll be glad at this little advancement in technology. For use both at home and in the office D-Link�s Smoke detector has a built-in alarm which alerts you whenever smoke is detected. You�ll get a notification from your with an easy-to-use app so you can quickly act and alert the fire brigade etc. They�re great and really reasonable - a small price to pay for peace of mind. Interested? Click Here for more information

D-link also have some pretty nifty other systems which work in the same way- check out the Wireless N 360 degrees Home Network Camera that come in at a slightly less affordable cost. Interested? Click Here for more information

5. Contour Ergonomics Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

You might scoff at the idea of an anti-fatigue floor mat (which, admittedly on first glance looks like a doormat) but it really works! Our client Tom was pleasantly surprised with the mat and has praised it saying �I think it�s actually helping with my posture which hasn�t been the best whilst sitting all day.� He uses them whilst at his standing desk.

Rethink your working positioning with a standing position and one of these-it reduces pressure and strain on the spine and the back muscles from periods of prolonged standing. Interested? Click Here for more information

6. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - 12.3"

This offering from Microsoft is so much more than a tablet! Described as the ultimate Windows 10 device it comes with a kickstand so you can view easily and you can add a keyboard to quickly turn it into a full powered laptop. Not only that but there is a range of optional keyboard colours available (sold separately) so it looks pretty funky.

The Surface Pro 4 not only replaces your laptop, but your desktop and notepad too. In fact a customer of ours has just ordered a huge amount of them for their whole office team in order to support their flexible working pattern and all of the customer-facing members of our team have made the switch. No more lugging around heavy laptops � you�ve got everything you need to work in the palm of your hand. Interested? Click Here for more information

7. Pukka A4 Colour and Personalise Project Book

You have probably heard the word �mindfulness� a fair bit in the last few years and there have been many activities that are said to relieve stress and anxiety- one being colouring in. No longer just for children, adult colouring has really taken off (in fact, 1/3 of the top 15 best sellers in all categories on Amazon are colouring books!) because of this Pukka have combined the traditional notepad and the colouring book. Not just on the cover, designs are printed on the inside together with the lined pages- alongside this the tabs are great for departmentalising your tasks.

This product is ideal for stress relief at work. Now, I�m not suggesting that you slack off and spend an hour with yourself and your felt tips- but a little break to de-stress every now and then could make your day a whole lot more fun and less stressful. This is just an all-round lovely little product. Interested? Click Here for more information

8. Screen Box integrated desks

These super stylish desks look like something from a Sci-Fi movie. They feature a flip top storage compartment that can hide your computer when not in use. The smooth hydraulic action means that your machine is completely safe and frees up your desk space for meetings and the like.

These are such a good idea for a number of reasons, not only does this nifty invention preserve your computer and keep it dust-free, but it�s also a great security measure. They�re ideal for classrooms, universities and colleges and they�d also make a pretty impressive addition to any office or boardroom.

Call for more information

9. Targus Geo Mojave

This backpack from Targus is so different from the others on the market and is perfect for the gentleman (or lady) about town. Undeniably hipster in design it features a roll top closure and a side-loading padded laptop compartment with removable 10� tablet sleeve. Its design is �travel inspired� and the fact that it is a backpack means less strain on one shoulder, you can commute to work by bike with ease and it�s shape means that if you don�t need your tablet or laptop you can still use it to carry other daily essentials to work or leisure. Interested? Click Here for more information

10. Rexel X3 Titanium Blue Scissors

These scissors are so useful! They will cut through anything (well almost anything) with great ease. I have a pair of these on my desk and at home and use them for cooking, cutting flowers, breaking boxes, sewing and crafting, the list is endless. The special titanium curved blades are the reason that they�ll cut through things that others won�t. They�re ambidextrous and they come with a lifetime guarantee so what more could you ask for? Interested? Click Here for more information